Reg No: 75680505
It has been 12 years that we are active on the field of saffron sale & exports.
We have agricultural saffron fields in Iran and Afghanistan and we cultivate and manufacture the saffron.
We export Iranian saffron, Afghan saffron and Spanish saffron all over the world.
Our Head company situated and registered in Europe. We have registered our company in different countries.
Our company’s branches and sale representatives are active and available in different countries.

Price of saffron and purchase of saffron are two major points for saffron buyers. cultivate saffron in Mashhad and Qaein Province of Iran as well as in Herat province of Afghanistan and we saffron agricultural fields and registered company’s branches in these two countries. 

As we are the cultivator of saffron therefore we offer the pure high quality saffron with reasonable prices.

Based on our profession experience on the field of saffron sale and saffron exports, currently our supply capacity is between 12 to 15 tons of saffron manually.

We have registered companies in Afghanistan & Iran. Besides that, we cultivate saffron we are also in direct contact with agricultural ministries of Iran and Afghanistan and we have access in the main sources of saffron therefore our suppling capacity raises to 18 tons of saffron in coming months.

Our Head office is registered Rotterdam, Netherlands in Europe. We have our sale branches in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Austria.

We have also our company’s branches registered in Indonesia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran and our Sale representatives are in USA, UK, and Australia.

We Export different types of saffron to all over the world and we deliver you saffron to your door steps in Europe.
 As we have official branches and sale representatives of our company in different countries we are able to deliver you saffron to your door steps.
We supply and offer you Iranian saffron, Afghan Saffron, Spanish Saffron anywhere in the world.

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