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We have combined science and art to bring you comfort and beauty. The largest producer and exporter of Saffron industry products 

Saffron King Business Company
Reg No: 75680505
It has been 12 years that we are active on the field of saffron sale & exports.
We have agricultural saffron fields in Iran and Afghanistan and we cultivate and manufacture the saffron.
We export Iranian saffron, Afghan saffron and Spanish saffron all over the world.
Our Head company situated and registered in Europe. We have registered our company in different countries.
Our company’s branches and sale representatives are active and available in different countries.

A Few Words About Us

CEO of Saffron Company
CEO of Saffron Company
Saffron King
Saffron King
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What is the price of saffron today? As you know, we grow saffron. Therefore, the price of each kilo of saffron in our company is very affordable.
Wholesale saffron
Wholesale saffron
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The order was sent today. We export all kinds of Iranian saffron and Afghan saffron all over the world. Do you want to know the price of each kilo of saffron? Contact us right now to buy saffron.
Saffron- King
Saffron- King
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Saffron export; Our companies send all kinds of saffron all over the world. Note; We only export saffron planted in our company. If you want to buy saffron, contact us
Saffron Sales Department
Saffron Sales Department
@Saffron King
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Buy saffron cheaply. We are a wholesaler of saffron. Buy saffron at the price of saffron planting from our company.

Quality Guarantee

Guaranteed quality, Quality is the most important principle in sales and our products are of high quality

Online Response

Our sales experts online will answer your questions dear customers regarding products.

Send Trusted

Send worldwide, Send trusted is one of the most important customer concerns after purchasing a product.

Advice Before Buying

Pre-purchase advice can guide you in making an economical and smart purchase.

Wholesale price of saffron

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Direct communication with company managers

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Our headquarter is based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. We have also registered companies in Iran, Afghanistan, Germany, New Zealand, Indonesia, Turkey, etc.

To register your order and purchase, just contact our sales consultants via the announced communication channels.

We accept the following methods: bank transfer, paypal and cash.

By international shipping companies your cargo will be shipped by land, air and sea depending on your country.

For the latest product prices, you can stay in touch with our sales experts through social media and social networks.

Our saffron is always delivered with laboratory analyses. Our saffron has values up to 310 Crocin and 49 Safranal and higher.

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