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Saffron King Business Company
Saffron King Business – our company name sums it up: We have specialized in the trade of saffron on a large scale for 12 years. Our saffron wholesale business includes the production as well as the sale and export of saffron as a saffron wholesaler.
We export Iranian saffron, Afghan saffron and Spanish saffron all over the world
With our special demand for high quality saffron, we are represented in many countries worldwide with our saffron wholesale.
Besides our Headquarter in the Netherlands, we are also based in Germany, New Zealand, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Iran

A few words about us

Saffron online store

You can buy all kinds of quality saffron at the best price from the online store. Click here to buy saffron online
Online sale of saffron
Wholesale Saffron
Wholesale Saffron
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We are a wholesaler of saffron and we offer you the best saffron. See the price of saffron today on this page
Buy Bulk Saffron
Buy Bulk Saffron
@ BusinessSaffron
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Buy bulk saffron If you also want to buy Iranian saffron and saffron from the most prestigious saffron store in Europe?
Buy Saffron
Buy Saffron
@ Saffron-King
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The price of saffron and the quality of saffron are two important issues in buying saffron. Our companies guarantee the quality of their saffron 100%
The Largest Seller of Saffron
The Largest Seller of Saffron
@ SaffronkingBuseness
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Saffron King Business ​​Company is one of the largest sellers and exporters of saffron in Europe. Contact us to buy saffron in bulk
Price Per Kilo of Saffron
Price Per Kilo of Saffron
@ Wholesale_Saffron
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The retail price is different from the price per kilo of saffron (wholesale) See the daily price list of saffron on this page
Contact Us
Contact Us
@ Direct call
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If you want to buy saffron, you can contact our sales managers directly.
The supply capacity of our company in this year is more than 8 tons of saffron. Contact us to buy Iranian saffron, Afghan saffron and Spanish saffron

Quality Guarantee

Guaranteed quality, Quality is the most important principle in sales and our products are of high quality

Online Response

Our online sales experts will be so pleased to answer your questions. We are at full disposal of our esteemed clients.

Send Trusted

Send worldwide, Send trusted is one of the most important customer concerns after purchasing a product.

Advice Before Buying

Pre-purchase advice can guide you in making an economical and smart purchase.

Our headquarter is based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. We have also registered companies in Iran, Afghanistan, Germany, New Zealand, Indonesia, Turkey, etc.

To see the price of saffron in 2021 and also to receive the price list per kilo of saffron, refer to .
In this website, the prices of different types of saffron are uploaded daily.
(Price of one kilogram of saffron – the price of saffron in Europe and …)

To register your order and purchase, just contact our sales consultants via the announced communication channels.

We accept the following methods: bank transfer, paypal and cash.

By international shipping companies your cargo will be shipped by land, air and sea depending on your country.

For the latest product prices, you can stay in touch with our sales experts through social media and social networks.

Our saffron is always delivered with laboratory analyses. Our saffron has values up to 310 Crocin and 49 Safranal and higher.

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