Review of the European Market for Iranian Saffron

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Saffron Sales in FrancePartnership in Selling Iranian SaffronMarket Analysis of Saffron in FranceWholesale Saffron in EuropeSupplier of Iranian and Afghan SaffronPrices of Iranian and Afghan SaffronBulk Trade of Authentic Iranian SaffronPrice of 1 Gram of Saffron in EuropeExport of Iranian Saffron to EuropePurchasing SaffronSaffron Sales in France
Selling Luxury Saffron in Europe | Selling and Exporting Saffron

The sales department of King Business shares information about the European market for Iranian saffron.

Saffron Sales in France

Review of the European Market for Iranian Saffron

A recent business negotiation by our colleagues in the saffron sales department with a prominent food trade company in Nice, France, highlights the growing market for saffron in Europe.

Partnership in Selling Iranian Saffron

Approximately 2.5 months ago, the trading company in Nice began its relationship with King Business.
This French company has a strong presence in the European food industry.
This connection laid the foundation for joint efforts to develop the saffron market in France.

Market Analysis of Saffron in France

The market research of this trading company revealed a promising outlook for red gold in Europe.
Their strategic decision to invest in this field was motivated.
Recognizing the market potential, they aimed to capitalize on the increasing demand for premium saffron products.

Wholesale Saffron in Europe

This company has the necessary infrastructure to distribute saffron in Europe.
However, they faced limitations in sourcing raw materials and packaging.

Supplier of Iranian and Afghan Saffron

King Business is a leading supplier in the European market for saffron.
This prominent supplier in France provided comprehensive solutions, including sourcing and packaging of red gold.

Prices of Iranian and Afghan Saffron

Overall, we can say that the prices of Iranian and Afghan saffron are not significantly different.
1 kilogram of Iranian saffron is €2350, while Afghan saffron is €2390.

Bulk Trade of Authentic Iranian Saffron

As part of this collaboration, an agreement was reached to supply and package saffron for the trading company.
The initial order is 5000 containers of saffron in 2-gram weights.

Price of 1 Gram of Saffron in Europe

Price of 1 Gram of Saffron in Europe

Currently, this month, the price per gram is €3.39.
Of course, the purchase quantity affects the purchase price.

Export of Iranian Saffron to Europe

Meanwhile, the saffron export department ensures quick delivery from the company’s headquarters in Rotterdam to the trading company in Nice.
With a simple process, the delivery timeline is optimized, minimizing any delays in fulfilling customer orders.

Purchasing Saffron

The collaboration between King Business and the trading company in Nice marks a milestone in the bulk trade of authentic Iranian saffron in Europe.
To purchase saffron and learn about the European European Market for Iranian Saffron, you can contact our experts.

Saffron Sales in France

By leveraging mutual strengths and resources, both companies are ready to capitalize on the growing demand for saffron.
Additionally, they are prepared to offer premium products to discerning consumers in various cities across France and beyond.

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