The saffron price in Italy – Rome

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Selling price of saffron in Rome | Saffron market in Italy | European

Saffron wholesale in Milan is done with a 3% discount.
King brand announced the saffron price in Italy – Rome in a special sale.
price of 1 kilo of Afghan saffron in Rome 1990 to 2490 euros.

Buy Iranian saffron

More than 90% of red gold production steps are done manually on farms in Iran.
Workers transfer saffron bulbs to the field soil or greenhouse space.
Cultivation of the product in natural conditions has made the quality of Iranian saffron approved by buyers.

How much is 1 gram of saffron?

What type of saffron is included in retail packages?
The type of product is selected according to the market demand.
Red gold consumers in Rome highly approve of King brand grade A.
1 gram of saffron in this autumn sale is 9 euros.

Wholesale of saffron in Milan

The saffron price in Italy – Rome is 3240 euros per kilo.
Equipped product packaging workshops operate in Milan, Naples, Rome, and other cities of this country.
The King Business brand serves Italian buyers through online sales and purchases from sales branches.

Individuals and companies who want to buy and sell in the Italian market can use the company’s business advice.

Saffron online store

In what package do consumers buy saffron?
This spice is more expensive than other spices.
It also has many properties and can be used to prepare food, drinks, sweets, etc.
Buy this product in various packages from King shop online at the e-store.

The saffron price in Italy – Rome

The price of Afghan saffron

Italy is famous in the world for preparing special foods and drinks.
The use of red gold in the preparation of sweets and chocolates is of great interest to the food companies of this country.

1k saffron price in Naples

Last week, 1 kilo of saffron was delivered to the buyer’s address in Naples.
This amount has been sent to the pharmaceutical company as a sample.
Soon, King Business and this company will sign the contract for the monthly supply of 25 kg of red gold.

The saffron price in Italy – Rome has increased by about 11% compared to Last year.

Importing saffron to Italy

Importing saffron to Italy
Importing saffron to Italy

King brand offers various Iranian saffron, Afghan red gold, and Spanish products.
Last month, 45 kg of Iranian red gold was imported to Italy by this company.
The product enters the country in bulk and is presented to the market in special packages.

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