Saffron price in January

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Iranian saffron sales start in mid-autumn.
The price list of saffron was announced today. (Saffron price in January)
This week, every gram of King brand red gold is offered with a 3% discount.

Selling Iranian saffron

Selling Iranian saffron
Selling Iranian saffron

Is the sale rate of red gold the same in different seasons?
Autumn (October, November, and December) is known as “saffron season”.
Selling Iranian saffron in autumn is done with a different process.

A kilo of saffron

At what price is Iranian red gold bought and sold in Europe?
1 kilo of pure saffron is sold at King Business for $3,260 to $3,780.
In orders between 20 and 50 kilos, the product is offered with a 2% discount.

Buy 1 kilo of saffron

From the last weeks of September, saffron onions are transferred to the field soil.
The growing period of this product takes about 6 to 8 weeks.
The purchase of kilos of red gold becomes relatively less in the autumn season.

Saffron price in January

Saffron price in January
Saffron price in January

Buyers are waiting for the new product to enter the market.
Businessmen and economic activists who are active in the field of buying and selling red gold, these days are supplying the product they need.
The saffron price January, is $3570 per kilo.
Compared to the product sales rate in 2021, we see a 60% growth in wholesale and retail sales of red gold.

Saffron online shop

Can I pay for my saffron order in dollars?
The activity scope of the online shop is international.
Buyers can settle their orders from all electronic payment methods they have access to.

1 gram of saffron in euros

1 gram of saffron in euros
1 gram of saffron in euros

This product is a natural flavoring essential oil.
1 gram of red gold can flavor 1.5 liters of liquid (drink).
The price of each gram of King brand pure saffron wholesale is 8 euros.

Wholesale of saffron

Each kilo of Iranian red gold in the European market, in September 2022, is about €3460.
It is expected that wholesale saffron will be sold at a higher rate in 2023.
As the collected red gold of 2022 – 2023 enters the market, the new product rate will be determined.

Export of bulk saffron

Export of bulk saffron
Export of bulk saffron

To which countries are the largest volume of Iranian bulk saffron exports?
The first shipment of Iranian red gold will be sent to Qatar in two weeks.
A contract for the transfer of 200 tons of red gold has been signed between Iranian and Qatari businessmen.
This contract is the largest export volume of this valuable product in the world.

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