Import of saffron to Uzbekistan

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Why is the +Uzbek market important?Profit from selling saffron in the Tashkent marketHow to buy saffronWhat kind of saffron should we export to Uzbekistan?Import of saffron to UzbekistanPrice per kilo of saffron in the international marketWholesale saffron in Central AsiaPrice of saffron in SamarkandSaffron seller in Uzbekistan
Import of saffron to Uzbekistan

How is Import of saffron to Uzbekistan and why is the Uzbek market important?
What is the profit of selling saffron in the market?
saffron should we export to Uzbekistan?
You can also see the price of saffron in Uzbekistan and the price per kilo of saffron in the international market.
What is the wholesale trend of saffron in Central Asia?

Why is the +Uzbek market important?

Why is the +Uzbek market important?
Why is the +Uzbek market important?

Uzbekistan is one of the four largest gold producers in the world and the largest producer of cotton in the world.
The existence of important reserves in this country, such as oil, gas, iron, and coal reserves, has greatly contributed to the country’s economy.
Of course, Uzbekistan is also the largest producer of heavy machinery and industry in Central Asia.
Other Uzbek products include cotton, meat, and dairy products.
However, the country’s domestic economy is almost weak.
So why should we export saffron to Uzbekistan?
Uzbekistan’s most important trading partners are Switzerland, China, Russia, Germany, and South Korea.
Important and extensive connections of Uzbek traders have led to a boom in trade in products such as red gold.

Profit from selling saffron in the Tashkent market

Foreign markets, like domestic markets, revolve around two axes.
Quality-oriented customers
Price-driven customers
In a country like Uzbekistan, the situation is a little different.
There are competitors such as Afghanistan, Italy, and Spain to import saffron to Uzbekistan.
Afghan, Iranian, Italian, and Spanish saffron is offered in this country’s market, each of which has its fans.
In general, the retail price of Italian saffron is not much different from Herat saffron in this country.

How to buy saffron

How to buy saffron
How to buy saffron

King Business Company is active in the field of saffron production and sales.
To buy saffron, you can refer to King Business‘s webshop and see the types of saffron.
For small quantity purchases (between 0.10 g to 5 g) you can buy through King Business Company sales branches.

What kind of saffron should we export to Uzbekistan?

Most buyers in this country are intermediaries with other countries.
Of course, saffron is often used for some industries in this country.
Maybe you have asked yourself how to choose the best saffron for export ?!
The King Business brand specializes in producing and marketing export products.
To buy bulk pure saffron, contact our experts and place an order.

Import of saffron to Uzbekistan

To export saffron, you can use different grades of King Business Company.
Last year, about 2750 kg of this valuable plant was offered to international markets by the King Business brand and another amount was exported.
Our company’s saffron production capacity has reached about 3 tons in the new year.
Supply of saffron for export is sent by this company in 100 kg batches.
If you want to import saffron to Uzbekistan in large quantities, just send an official Loi or contact the sales department experts directly.

Price per kilo of saffron in the international market

Price per kilo of saffron in the international market
Price per kilo of saffron in the international market

How has each saffron flower changed in Tashkent in the new year?
In the international market, the price of saffron is between 2 and 3 thousand dollars.
The average price of a kilo of saffron in King Business is between 1800 and 2500 dollars.
Of course, this price is in the wholesale of saffron.
The price of one gram of saffron in the market is between 4 and 8 dollars.

Wholesale saffron in Central Asia

Central Asia includes Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.
Other drawers include Central Asia.
Afghanistan, northeastern Iran, Mongolia, Kashmir, northern and western Pakistan, and sometimes Xinjiang (ancient East Turkestan) in western China and southern Siberia in Russia include Central Asia.
One of the factors in the growth of trade between Iran and Uzbekistan and Tajikistan is the common language. That is, they all speak Persian.
Of course, the strategic location of this region, which is connected to Iran and Afghanistan from the south, has also played an important role in the import of red gold.

Price of saffron in Samarkand

Price of saffron in Samarkand
Price of saffron in Samarkand

Tashkent and Samarkand are important cities in this country.
In these two cities, there are important traders and many companies that are active in buying and selling saffron.
King Business Company sends quality saffron to these cities.

Saffron seller in Uzbekistan

In the above section, we examined the various aspects of importing saffron to Uzbekistan.
If you want to be one of the saffron sales branches of King Business Company in your city, you can contact our experts.
To buy the highest quality saffron at the best price, contact our saffron sales department.

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