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Saffron Sales Branch in MilanExpansion of Liquid Saffron SalesSpecifications of Saffron ExtractSaffron Extract SupplierSaffron Extract Sales in EuropeSaffron PricingProcuring SaffronMost Reliable Method of Saffron Purchase
Saffron extract sales in Europe | Saffron Extract Supplier 2024

In this report, we will delve into the analysis of saffron extract sales in Europe and its role in the European market. Additionally, we will take a closer look at the active branches in Italy in this sector and the prominent contracts under which these sales are conducted.

Saffron Sales Branch in Milan

Saffron extract sales in Europe

According to the European headquarters report, the Italian branch located in the city of Milan has been introduced as one of the active branches in Europe. This representation has established extensive coverage across European countries.

Expansion of Liquid Saffron Sales

The central office report indicates that this branch has executed three fundamental contracts for saffron extract sales in Europe. Here, we will discuss the recent experience of one of these contracts. The sales department announced the monthly delivery of 200 packages of liquid saffron to a renowned hotel in Italy.

Specifications of Saffron Extract

Specifications of Saffron Extract

Liquid saffron is one of the products of King Business, alongside strand saffron, offered in the market. This product is a pure derivative of saffron strands designed for household consumption and cooking. It gains attention as a substitute for strand saffron in restaurants, eateries, and hotels, often referred to as the liquid gold in culinary establishments.

Saffron Extract Supplier

The Milan representation, through the extensive supply and distribution of saffron, has successfully provided access to this product in most hotels and restaurants in the city of Milan. This initiative has played a crucial role in increasing awareness and consumption of this product in the region.

Saffron Extract Sales in Europe

To produce a saffron extract, an efficient workforce, and specialized equipment in the laboratories of King Business are employed. This product is extracted from saffron strands and transformed into liquid form using modern technologies.

Saffron Pricing

Saffron Pricing

This product is priced at 49.99 euros in the European market. However, with the execution of this contract, each kilogram of this product is presented to the famous Italian hotel at a monthly rate of 39.99 euros. This action creates a competitive advantage for the hotel and strengthens price stability throughout the contract duration.

Procuring Saffron

One of the advantages of collaborating under a contract with King Business is the provision of more favorable prices and the establishment of a fixed price throughout the contract period without fluctuations. This ensures customer confidence and satisfaction.

Most Reliable Method of Saffron Purchase

We appreciate your involvement in this section. For saffron purchase and information on saffron supply contract terms, please contact the company’s sales experts. Additionally, the daily saffron extract sales price in Europe will be made available to you through the same channel.

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