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Saffron Trade in Berlin | Wholesale Price of Iranian Saffron 2024

In the latest sales report of King Business Company, the focus is on the saffron trade in Berlin.

Distribution of Saffron in Germany

Saffron Trade in Berlin

Today, a reputable trading company in Europe has joined us.
This Germany-based trading company specializes in the import and export of various food products across Europe.

Customers of Iranian Saffron

The European market, with its strong interest in saffron, has created a robust network of customers in Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium.
Through strong business negotiations, this company has turned its customers into ideal partners for expanding saffron in the market.

Sales and Export of Saffron

The saffron trade in Berlin and generally in Germany brings a set of unique challenges, particularly regarding regulatory requirements.
Specialized documentation and permits, including approvals, analysis, and standards related to this product, are mandatory for transportation.

Exporting Saffron to Germany

To simplify this process and ensure compliance, our client engaged in a strategic partnership with King Business.
King Business is renowned for their expertise in overseeing international trade regulations.

Saffron Sales Report

The client contacted King Business to explore the possibility of exporting Iranian saffron to Germany.
In the preliminary stage, they received a sample consisting of 2 kilograms of grade A+ saffron.
This initial transaction served as a testament to the quality of our product and paved the way for further collaboration.

Saffron Trade in Berlin

Following the positive reception from European customers, we are eager to announce a significant order of 25 kilograms of grade A+ saffron.

Purchasing Premium Saffron

Purchasing Premium Saffron

This major milestone highlights the growing demand for our premium saffron in the German market.
Such collaborations reinforce our position as a reliable supplier.

Ensuring Saffron Delivery

Our export department is committed to fulfilling this order promptly.
The department strictly adheres to precise delivery schedules and customs procedures.

Saffron Supplier in Europe

With meticulous attention to detail, we anticipate delivering the shipment to the customer within 9 days at German customs.
As a primary supplier and exporter of saffron in Europe, we guarantee a seamless experience from purchase to receipt.

Wholesale Price of Iranian Saffron

In the European market, each kilogram of grade A+ saffron ranges between $2560 and $2770.
Despite the higher price, discerning consumers recognize the exceptional value our saffron offers.

Establishing Bulk Saffron Sales Partnerships

Establishing Bulk Saffron Sales Partnerships

Beyond this initial transaction, our goal is to strengthen sustainable relationships with our American counterparts.
This partnership and the saffron trade in Berlin are built on trust, reliability, and mutual benefit.

Iranian Saffron Traders

By consistently offering superior products and exceptional services, we have become the preferred choice for saffron imports in the United States.
King Business continues to bolster its presence in the global market.

Supplier of Iranian Saffron

As we embark on this exciting phase of growth and expansion, we remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence.
Through strategic partnerships, we adhere to strict regulatory compliance and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.
We are ready to elevate the presence of Iranian saffron on the international stage.

How to Purchase Saffron

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