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The latest bulk saffron price listBuy kilos of saffronSale of export bulk saffron with test sheetbulk saffronBulk saffron online storeImport and export bulk saffron
Le prix du safran en dollars

Where is the most reliable kilo saffron shopping center in Europe?
Saffron King Business is importing bulk saffron to Europe.
In these centers, bulk export saffron is sold with a test certificate.
Also, you can get the latest saffron price list per kilo from the Saffronkiing.com website.

bulk saffron
bulk saffron

The latest bulk saffron price list

These days, buying and selling of saffron have decreased relatively.
We are approaching the new red gold harvest season and usually at this time of the year saffron is on the market less than the second half of the year.
The price of bulk gem saffron this month was 2,350 to 2,680 dollars.
This rate has almost tripled compared to the previous year.
This increase has been made in all types of bulk and kilo red gold.

Buy kilos of saffron

How is the wholesale of saffron in this situation where we are witnessing a sharp increase in the price?
As you know, the amount of saffron harvested in 2022 was between 30 and 40 percent higher than in previous years.
This issue has caused the supply of saffron products to have different conditions.
Companies and people who want to buy kilos of saffron in high orders (500 kilos or one ton) are looking for:
Find a reliable company that can supply their order in this particular market.
Of course, buying small amounts of saffron, even 1 gram, is very important to buy from a reliable seller.

Buy kilos of saffron
Buy kilos of saffron

Sale of export bulk saffron with test sheet

Saffron King Business is exclusively engaged in the production, sale, and export of red gold in international markets.
In these sales centers, bulk export saffron is sold with a test sheet.
In this way, if the customer requests, we present the product’s laboratory analysis sheet to him, this is done.
According to the type of application of saffron for the buyer and also the request that the customer has,
Necessary analyzes of the product are done in an accredited laboratory and the quality confirmation sheet is delivered to the buyer.

bulk saffron

Big red gold traders usually sell saffron by the kilo and wholesale.
Some of the benefits of buying and selling products in bulk and kilos are:
In kilo sales, you can buy and sell products in high tonnage.
Carrying red gold in small packages costs more than transporting and sending saffron by the kilo.
Almost all big importers buy this product in kilos and bulk
Because large volumes are moved in wholesale, wholesale and kilo saffron sellers usually receive high profits.

Bulk saffron online store

Do you think it is possible to buy saffron online in bulk and weights of 50 to 100 kilos?
In online purchases of food products, products are usually offered in small quantities.
Red gold is available in online stores in packages of half a gram, 1g, 2g, and up to 10 grams.
Of course, at Saffronking.shop, you can buy the product in any amount you want in bulk and package.
King brand is a supplier of saffron for major and international buyers.

Bulk saffron online store
Bulk saffron online store

Import and export bulk saffron

The Saffron King brand is one of the largest importers of major saffron to Europe.
The products of this brand are offered wholesale in the market.
One of the features of King Business brand saffron is that the product has a 100% quality guarantee.
The buyer can get the laboratory analysis sheet from the company.

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