What is the per capita consumption of saffron?

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Therapeutic properties of saffronWhich countries consume the most saffron?Increasing consumption of saffronBenefits of saffron on the bodyPer capita consumption of saffronIncrease in the price of saffronGet the saffron price list
consumption of Saffron

Saffron is a natural, expensive and luxurious spice.
In this section, we examine the consumption of saffron per capita.

Therapeutic properties of saffron

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Its consumption has many health benefits.
On the other hand, excessive consumption of anything is harmful.
In addition to its many healing properties, saffron harms the body if it is not consumed in moderation.

Which countries consume the most saffron?

According to the report of the saffron market, red gold has the highest demand and consumption in the countries of Iran, America, China, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and England.
In these countries, people’s demand and desire is more to use herbal and natural products and materials.

Increasing consumption of saffron

Price of saffron Buying

Saffron is also a completely herbal and natural spice, this is one of the reasons that, in addition to the benefits of red gold, this naturalness has increased the consumption of saffron in these countries.
It is one of the largest producers of saffron in Iran.

Benefits of saffron on the body

Now that they realized the many benefits of saffron for the body and health.
Many countries, including China and of course Iran, had activities in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, which has caused a significant growth in the demand.

Per capita consumption of saffron

Saffron price in 2023, the price of 1 gram of saffron

Saffron sells well in the domestic market of Iran, and Iran is considered one of the countries that consume the most red gold.
According to statistics, Iran has the highest per capita consumption of saffron in the world.
The consumption statistics of this product for every Iranian is about one gram.

Increase in the price of saffron

According to reports, the increase in the price of saffron will reduce this consumption to half a gram.
The price of 1 kg of saffron in Europe is between 2,800 and 3,500 euros.
Of course, in stores, this product is sold in 1 gram packages.

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