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What is liquid saffron?What are the properties of saffron extract?What are the properties of saffron extract?New product development trends in EuropeIs the extract of this product a medicinal supplement?!Applications of saffron extractThe best way to buy saffron extractWhat type of packaging is saffron distributed in?What is the difference between saffron string and extract?Eating saffron extractWhat is the price of saffron extract?Wholesale sale of saffron extractHow to order red gold extract?
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In this section, we examine the best way to buy saffron extract.
The price of King Business products was updated.

What is liquid saffron?

What is liquid saffron?

Saffron extract is actually saffron liquid that is obtained by using scientific and technical methods.
This product is obtained from saffron threads using special machines.

What are the properties of saffron extract?

As the name of this product suggests, it is an abstract of saffron strands.
Therefore, it has much wider and more healing and medicinal properties than red gold strands.

What are the properties of saffron extract?


Note, saffron extract with saffron spray that is available in most stores; It is completely different.
Abstract This valuable plant is a very special and pure product.
The principles of its preparation and production are completely professional and scientific.

New product development trends in Europe

Red gold extract has been produced by the research and development team of King Business Group after two years of research.
This product is produced in collaboration with a Swiss laboratory and King Business Group.

Is the extract of this product a medicinal supplement?!

Red Gold Extract is a medicinal and therapeutic supplement that is patented under the name of King Business Group.

Applications of saffron extract

Saffron King, luxury saffron

This product is widely used in various industries, such as home cooking, food industry, pharmaceuticals, in the preparation and production of cosmetics and in dyeing industries, etc.

The best way to buy saffron extract

What centers are considered as the target society of Red Gold abstract?
As we mentioned above, this product is a pure medicinal and food supplement.
This product is distributed by centers such as pharmacies as medicine, in stores and hypermarkets as food supplements and gifts, and in restaurants as seasoning in food.
Online stores are other customers of this product.
These companies can purchase this product from the King Business collection and offer it in their webshops.

What type of packaging is saffron distributed in?

This product is used in various industries.
The King Business collection offers the extract of this precious spice according to the target community and its type of consumption.
This product is sold in different packages.
The type of supply of this product in pharmacies is in the form of a dropper.
It is distributed in stores and hypermarkets in very luxurious packaging, which is also suitable for gifts.
Normally, red gold extract is in 10 mg containers.
Of course, for centers such as restaurants, it is also distributed in one-liter containers by King Business Group.

What is the difference between saffron string and extract?

The difference between the price of saffron and the dollar and the euro

One of the most important differences between gold thread and red gold extract, which is of great interest in pharmacology, is the process of digestion and absorption of these two products.

Eating saffron extract

Red gold threads enter the stomach after eating and enter the blood and are absorbed after digestion.
While the abstract of this product, after eating, it immediately enters the blood circulation system and is absorbed.

What is the price of saffron extract?

A unit of this product, which has a volume of 10 mg, is sold at the price of liquid saffron 49.99 euros.
The price of saffron extract in premium packaging with a capacity of 3 units of 10 mg (premium) is 90.134 euros.

Wholesale sale of saffron extract

The price of saffron extract + sale and export of saffron liquid

The list announced by King Business Group is 20-25% lower than the market price.
In case of bulk orders, special discounts are provided by the collection for buyers.
The price of saffron is uploaded daily on the company’s website.

How to order red gold extract?

This product is produced in Switzerland.
Currently, a significant amount of this product is available at the headquarters in Rotterdam
and is distributed in the representatives and sales branches of the King Business Group throughout Europe.
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