Distribution of bulk saffron

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The largest distributor of saffronWhere to buy saffron?The reason for the popularity of saffronSpecifications of Sargol saffronTypes of saffron in the marketSargol saffron purchase marketIncrease saffron salesExport of saffron
Distribution of bulk saffron

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Introducing the largest distributor of saffron in Europe
What is the reason for the popularity of saffron in the market?
Important characteristics of bulk saffron
Where to buy saffron?
The most reputable exporter of saffron to Europe
Sargol saffron purchase market
Increase saffron sales

Distribution of bulk saffron
Distribution of bulk saffron

The largest distributor of saffron

Saffron King Company is one of the largest distributors of bulk saffron and saffron supply centers in Europe.
The company operates in the fields of saffron cultivation, sale and distribution of saffron in Europe and exports to other countries.
It has ready representatives and experts to serve all customers and businessmen.

Where to buy saffron?

An important question arises for all saffron buyers: where is the most reputable saffron sales center?
Where can we buy the best saffron?
Saffron King has sales offices in various European cities.
High quality along with the best price is one of the company’s services that underlies important goals, namely customer satisfaction and increasing the amount of saffron planting and saffron sales.

The reason for the popularity of saffron

As you know, saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world.
Over time, not only has it not diminished in value, but it has become one of the most important spices in the world due to its important properties and unique properties.
Currently, saffron is used in the food coloring industry, chocolate making, medicine making, etc.
For this reason, Saffron King Company donated 190 kilos of saffron to its esteemed customers in Germany this month.

The reason for the popularity of saffron
The reason for the popularity of saffron

Specifications of Sargol saffron

Perfectly smooth and without any corrosion (breakage) and whiteness
Excellent and unique smell and high color
Completely organic and pure without any additives
Large and convenient size – large stigmas
Excellent quality and usable in industrial and food sectors
Wholesale Sargol Bulk Saffron Market

Types of saffron in the market

Various grades of saffron can be seen in the European market
The variety of products and types of packages in Saffron King Company is one of our strengths.
One of the highest quality and most quality is bulk saffron.
We mentioned the reasons for the popularity of Sargol saffron in the above section, but we are always at the service of customers and we offer any type of saffron that buyers order.

Sargol saffron purchase market

Sergol saffron wholesale market has been booming in Europe for many years and many traders or traders or sellers who work in this field are often looking for companies or representatives to offer their products in bulk.
They do it directly so that they can enjoy the benefits of direct purchase.
Do you also want to buy saffron directly?

Increase saffron sales

One of the most important reasons that has increased the boom of saffron wholesale market is the high price of saffron
Due to the high quality of this product compared to other samples and its good price has caused customers to buy Sargol saffron in bulk.
In this way, they can benefit from price discounts and grow their business.

Increase saffron sales
Increase saffron sales

Export of saffron

Sargol saffron is one of the products in the field of export.
It is the largest saffron farms in Iran.
Due to the fact that Saffron King Company has an agricultural farm in Mashhad, Iran and Ghainat, so you can buy saffron directly from us at the best price.
We export the highest quality saffron to all over Europe.
You can buy the best Sargol saffron in our sales branches in Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Belgium, Austria, etc.


Our expertise is in the field of saffron cultivation and saffron export.
Mr. S . Biglah

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