Advantage of greenhouse saffron cultivation

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What are the benefits of greenhouse saffron production? Considering that the cultivation of greenhouse saunas in a hydroponics method is a new scheme, so many applicants have been found in Iran and in other countries.
China is one of the countries that is looking for a valuable greenhouse cultivation.
The cultivation of greenhouse saffron is very high.
But organic saffron has some of the benefits of tomorrow.
And one of the great benefits of greenhouse and hydroponic cultivation is the maximum use of the space and the crop area because of its high class and high culture density, which makes it possible to use hydroponic cultivation if you planted an area of ​​3000 square meters, for example.
The size of 10000 square meters will be used, and in addition to increasing the crop area, the amount of production will increase dramatically, which is about 7 times the normal crop . And it is expected that the export and import of saffron will also increase

 Hydroponics greenhouse saffron cultivation
Advantage of greenhouse saffron cultivation


the best saffron

For this reason, the use of modern industrial and industrial methods, such as greenhouse and hydroponic systems, has been welcomed .The benefits of producing greenhouse saffron are abundant
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greenhouse saffron production?
What are the benefits of greenhouse saffron production?

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