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The magical flower of Iran, which is loved in EuropeSaffron packaging in AustriaAn economic solution for buying saffronA unique option for special customersRequest to buy saffronReasons to choose our company
Saffron packaging in Austria

This article introduces two types of saffron packaging in Austria: one is normal and the other is luxury. Both methods have EU standards.

The magical flower of Iran, which is loved in Europe

Types of saffron

Saffron is an aromatic plant that is used in many foods, beverages, medicines and cosmetics.
This spice is one of the most expensive and valuable agricultural products in the world.
Iran is the largest producer and exporter of saffron in the world and supplies about 90% of the world’s saffron.

Saffron packaging in Austria

Austria is one of the important saffron markets in Europe.
The average price of saffron per gram in Austria is between 8 and 12 euros.
Of course, the price of saffron depends on the type of packaging, product quality, and order quantity.
In this article, we are going to introduce two types of saffron packaging in Austria, which are offered by King Business.

An economic solution for buying saffron

Price of saffron Buying

Normal packaging of saffron:
This type of packaging is made according to European standards and includes plastic or paper boxes.
Inside the box, saffron are in paper envelopes.
Usually, each package contains 10 grams of saffron.
It should be mentioned that sometimes saffron in this type of packaging is presented in the form of metal packaging to keep it dry and fresh.

A unique option for special customers

Luxury packaging:
This type of packaging is also made according to European standards, but it is only suitable for the target community of the European market.
This target community includes department stores, luxury restaurants, and five-star hotels.
In this type of packaging, saffron is placed inside crystal jars with cork lids.
Usually, each jar contains 10 or 5 grams of saffron.
Saffron in this type of packaging has no contact with plastic materials and is processed in a very hygienic way.
On each type of packaging, there are texts printed in gold color that show important information about saffron.
This information includes product name, production date, expiration date, amount of saffron, and European standards.
Also, inside each type of packaging, there are brochures that explain how to use saffron, its properties and its birthplace.
To get the daily price of each jar of saffron in this type of packaging (in bulk), contact us. (Whatsapp)

Request to buy saffron

Buying Iranian saffron online

Saffron is a valuable and expensive product that is in demand and used all over the world.
Austrian and Vienna markets are one of the most important saffron markets in Europe.
Our company tries to respond to the different needs of its customers in this market by offering two types of normal and luxury packaging.

Reasons to choose our company

We hope that by buying saffron from our company, you will double the pleasure of your food and customers.
We are proud to offer you high quality saffron at a reasonable price.
If you are also interested in buying saffron from our company, please contact us or visit our store website.
We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.
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