Price of Afghan Saffron in Rome

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Trading Company in ItalySaffron Sales to EuropeMost Reliable Saffron WholesalerPrice of Afghan Saffron in RomeSaffron Sales Branch of King Business1 Kilogram of Afghan Saffron in ItalyThe price of 1 Gram of SaffronWholesale Saffron BusinessEnsuring Saffron Purchase
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In this report, we examine the price of Afghan saffron in Rome. Additionally, we introduce a new collaboration in Italy and Europe.

Trading Company in Italy

King Business, one of the prominent companies in saffron wholesale in Europe, reports that last Tuesday, a reputable Italian trading company in Rome contacted their sales representatives.

Saffron Sales to Europe

Price of Afghan Saffron in Rome

This Italian company is recognized as a distributor of food products, specializing in selling items such as food spices. In the past, they have also engaged in the sale and export of saffron. The company holds licenses for selling food commodities in Europe, indicating its commitment to international hygiene standards.

Most Reliable Saffron Wholesaler

According to the report, the Italian company has decided to add saffron to its product list. Therefore, they searched for a reliable saffron supplier in Europe. They contacted King Business, and the initial negotiation revealed the price of Afghan saffron in Rome.

Price of Afghan Saffron in Rome

The initial order includes 7 kilograms of Afghan saffron and 1200 luxury packaging units, each weighing one gram. This order will be processed and soon delivered to the esteemed customer.

Saffron Sales Branch of King Business

This branch of the company is one of the active and powerful branches. Due to the high workload of our sales department this week, orders from customers in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands will be prepared and shipped on Tuesday.

1 Kilogram of Afghan Saffron in Italy

The price of Afghan saffron in Rome, graded as A+, is 2450 euros. Grade A++ is priced at 2760 euros.

The price of 1 Gram of Saffron

The price of 1 Gram of Saffron

In general, the price of 1 gram of saffron ranges from 9 to 12 euros. In the current month, a luxurious type of saffron has been introduced to the market by King Business, priced at 14 euros.

Wholesale Saffron Business

King Business is recognized in Europe as a leading exporter of Iranian, Afghan, and Spanish saffron throughout Europe. All products of this company have European health licenses and standards.

Ensuring Saffron Purchase

For a secure and confident purchase of authentic and high-quality saffron, customers can contact the sales experts of the company. Additionally, traders and economic players engaged in regular and sustainable purchases are advised to take advantage of the benefits and advantages of the saffron supply contract with King Business. One of the advantages of this contract is the fixed price of saffron throughout the collaboration, ensuring price stability. Thank you for accompanying us in reading this report.

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