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the price of luxury saffron in Germany and Italy?

Italy is known for its abundant use of quality saffron in its cuisine.
This article provides some general guidelines to help you buying saffron in Italy and also examines its price in this country.

Saffron specialty stores

Premier Saffron Supplier with Competitive Prices

Spice and herb stores that focus on selling saffron are safe places to shop.
These stores usually have a wide selection of this luxury spice and knowledgeable staff to help you.
For example, King Business Company is one of the most reliable saffron shopping centers in Italy.

Saffron online shop

In Italy, several online shops sell saffron.
Could you be sure to look for reliable websites that offer quality saffron?
King Business webshop is a specialized store for buying saffron.
This store is located in Rome and Milan and offers its products in bulk.

Buying saffron in Italy


You must also know that King Business is one of Europe’s largest producers and wholesalers of Iranian and Afghan saffron.
To buy saffron, directly from the producer and farmer, contact our experts.
Saffron is cultivated in our farms under the supervision of skilled and experienced engineers.

Certificates and international standards

It is better to buy this luxury spice from companies that have certificates and ISOs for this product.
King Business Company offers all international certificates to its customers.

Quality indicators of saffron

A quality product should have threads with a dark red color and a distinct aroma.
The sales margins of this product, with unusual and low prices, should be taken care of.

Wholesale sale of saffron in Rome

price of saffron in Germany in 2024

Because of its high value, saffron is usually packed in small containers or sachets.
King Business Company supplies all kinds of saffron packages in bulk.

The price of buying saffron in Italy

Because this product is known as the most expensive spice, you should be prepared for high prices to buy it.
However, its unique flavor, aroma, and benefits make it a worthwhile food investment.

The price of buying bulk saffron in Milan

1 kilo of grade A saffron is bought and sold in Italy between 2,500 and 2,870 euros.
To know the update of the price of saffron in Europe, visit our company website or contact our experts.

Communication with King Business consultants

To ensure the purchase, contact our sales experts and ask about the origin, quality, and method of using saffron.
They will certainly give you important advice.

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Consulting and Ordering Saffron

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