Price of Grade A Saffron in Europe

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Quality of Iranian SaffronPrice of Saffron in EuropeSaffron Prices in 6 European CountriesPrice of 1 Kilogram of Saffron in GermanyWholesale Saffron in ItalySaffron Prices in FrancePrice of Grade A Saffron in Europe - Netherlands and BelgiumCriteria for Saffron GradingMethods for Determining Saffron GradeStandards for Saffron GradingSuperior and Premium GradeImportance of Saffron GradingPurchasing Saffron
Price of Grade A Saffron in Europe | Importance of Saffron Grading

Grading saffron and determining the price of Grade A saffron in Europe is crucial for assessing its market value, quality, and purity.

Quality of Iranian Saffron

Price of Grade A Saffron in Europe

Saffron is usually divided into different grades based on various criteria, including its color, aroma, and taste.

Price of Saffron in Europe

Before we examine the grades of saffron, we present the price of Grade A saffron in Europe.
In wholesale markets, 1 kilogram of saffron ranges from €1980 to €2500.

Saffron Prices in 6 European Countries

King Business Company delivers various types of Iranian and Afghan saffron to customers in different European countries.

Price of 1 Kilogram of Saffron in Germany

Today in Berlin, Düsseldorf, and Frankfurt, the price of 1 kilogram of saffron ranges from €2150 to €2600.

Wholesale Saffron in Italy

In the Italian market and online saffron stores, each gram of saffron costs between €8 and €12.

Saffron Prices in France

Paris is the center for buying and selling Iranian saffron in France. Bulk Iranian saffron is priced between €1990 and €2410.

Price of Grade A Saffron in Europe – Netherlands and Belgium

In these six European countries, saffron prices are almost the same.
In Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague, and Brussels, 1 gram of saffron costs between €7 and €13.

Criteria for Saffron Grading

Primary criteria used for saffron grading include:

1. Color of Saffron

The color of saffron is a significant indicator of its quality.
The best saffron has a dark red color with orange tips.
The intensity of the red color is associated with higher crocin content, indicating higher quality saffron.

2. Aroma of Saffron

High-quality saffron has a strong and pleasant aroma derived from volatile oils such as safranal.
The stronger and fresher the aroma, the better the grade of saffron.

3. Flavor Measurement of Saffron

The unique flavor of saffron is slightly bitter, attributed to the presence of picrocrocin.
Higher concentrations of picrocrocin indicate better quality saffron.

Methods for Determining Saffron Grade

Various testing methods are used to determine the grade of saffron

1. Spectrophotometry

This technique measures the color intensity of saffron by analyzing the absorption of specific wavelengths.
It helps quantify levels of crocin, picrocrocin, and safranal.

2. Chemical Tests

These tests involve analyzing the chemical composition of saffron to ensure it meets specific purity standards.
They test for the presence of foreign materials or adulterants.

3. Sensory Evaluation

Experts evaluate saffron based on sensory properties like color, aroma, and taste.

Standards for Saffron Grading

Standards for Saffron Grading

Saffron is generally classified into several grades in the market:

Superior and Premium Grade

This is the highest quality saffron, characterized by dark red stigmas.

Grade One

Slightly lower than premium grade but still of high quality.
It has good color and aroma but may contain a small percentage of yellow styles.

Grade Two

Medium quality saffron with less color and aroma.
It includes a higher proportion of yellow styles and may have lower concentrations of key compounds.

Grade Three

Low-quality saffron with pale color and weak aroma.

Importance of Saffron Grading

Grading saffron is essential for several reasons

1. Consumer Confidence

High-grade saffron ensures consumers receive a product that meets their expectations for quality and purity.

2. Market Value of Saffron

Grading allows for a fair pricing mechanism based on saffron quality.
Premium grade saffron commands a higher price due to its superior characteristics.

3. Purity Assurance

The grading process helps detect adulteration and ensures saffron is pure and free from contaminants.

Purchasing Saffron

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