The price of saffron in Turkey in 2021

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The best price of saffron in TurkeyHow to export saffron to TurkeyExport of saffron to Turkey in 2021Purchase price of saffron in the Turkish marketSaffron shopping center in Istanbul
Saffron market in Turkey

In 2021 , the market for buying and selling saffron flourished.
Given that one of the target markets for our companies is to sell pure saffron in Turkey,
last month we had the largest amount of saffron exports to Turkey.
The price of saffron in Turkey did not change much in 2021 .
In the following text, you will read these titles;
What is the best price for saffron in Turkey?
What are the two most widely used methods of exporting saffron to Turkey?
Introducing one of the largest saffron shopping centers in Istanbul
We examine the price per kilo of saffron and the purchase price of saffron in the market.

In the next article, we will examine the type of export packaging and the method of selling saffron in Turkey.

The best price of saffron in Turkey

From the buyers’ point of view, the best purchase is that the product is of quality
and the price is commensurate with the quality.
Of course, the availability of products is also very important so that the customer can easily buy the product you want.
The best price of saffron in Turkey, and in fact the most economical purchase of saffron,
is to receive saffron inside the country and actually buy saffron without intermediaries.
World Saffron Diamond Company and Saffron King are one of
the most reputable sellers of pure saffron in Turkey.
The price of a kilo of saffron in Turkey in 2021 was between 890 and 1650 dollars.
Of course, this is the export price, which we express in the lower part of
the saffron export price and the methods of calculating the price.

Buy saffron in Turkey
Buy saffron in Turkey

How to export saffron to Turkey

The current situation has led Turkey to impose new laws on the import of saffron into the country.
In the method section, I will describe two common methods for importing saffron to Turkey.

Export of saffron suitcases;

One of the methods of exporting saffron to Turkey is the method of exporting luggage.
This means that you can import 150 to 200 grams of saffron as a passenger.
In other words; Each passport can import 150 to 200 grams of saffron
across the border into Turkey.
Many students use this method to compensate for their travel expenses
by importing saffron to Turkey and selling it.
In some cases, rumors are made in this regard and fake saffron is imported to Turkey.
The price of saffron in Turkey in 2021 is known,
so we can not trust the prices offered by brokers and intermediaries.
To buy saffron in a safe way, we suggest you buy saffron from a reputable center
As you know, Saffron King is a European company and offers
the best products at the best guaranteed rates in Turkey.

Export of saffron to Turkey in 2021

Export of saffron to Turkey in 1400
Export of saffron to Turkey in 2021

Reputable and international companies such as Saffron King always try to offer
the highest quality products at the best prices by legal means.
Saffron is exported by our companies through customs and by air.
Of course, the saffron sales branch of our company is in the city of Istanbul,
and we offer you saffron in very special packages inside Istanbul and Turkey.

That is, our company performs customs tax, customs duties, insurance,
quarantine, saffron standard in customs, analysis and delivery of saffron from customs, etc., and delivers saffron to you in the company, office and at the address you say. .

Purchase price of saffron in the Turkish market

Saffron has different prices in the Turkish market.
Anyone who has brought saffron from Iran to Turkey legally and illegally
will announce a price.
Even in store sites (online site for selling saffron) we see different prices.
For example: red gold was bought and sold in the online store in 2021 for
between 10 and 15 thousand liras.
The purchase price of saffron in the Turkish market from Saffron King’s official representative office in Istanbul is between $ 850 and $ 1,500.
This price is per kilo of saffron. In retail, the price of one gram of saffron in
the market is between 2 to 4 dollars.
The type of packaging, the quality of saffron, the amount of saffron purchased,
etc. affect its price.

Saffron shopping center in Istanbul

One of the most prestigious saffron shopping center and the largest saffron
shopping center in Istanbul
Is Saffron King.
We are a wholesaler of saffron and because we are a producer of saffron,
we can offer you all kinds of saffron at the best price in the market.
Istanbul has good markets.
The sale and purchase of products in this city is very prosperous.
You saw the price of saffron in Turkey in 2021 in the above section.
Each kilo of saffron in our company is offered between 7 to 12 thousand liras.
Of course, there are several reasons that we mentioned earlier
in the purchase and sale of saffron and its price.

To get the price list of saffron in Turkey in 2021 and to buy the best saffron, contact our head office in Istanbul.
Mr. S . Biglah

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