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Price of saffron Buying and selling

The Price of saffron Buying is very high compared to other spices.
It can range from $1.5 to $2 for a small 0.05-gram unit or from $4500 to $5000 per kilogram depending on the quality and origin of the saffron.
Saffron is mostly produced in Iran, which accounts for 95% of the global market share.

Selling saffron and Buying

Buying and selling saffron can be a profitable business if you have access to high-quality saffron and reliable suppliers or customers. Some factors that affect the buying and selling process are:

Price of saffron Buying

The grade of saffron

There are different grades of saffron based on the color, aroma, flavor, and purity of the stigmas.
The higher the grade, the more expensive and desirable the saffron is.

The source of saffron

Some countries or regions have a reputation for producing high-quality saffron, such as Iran, Spain, Afghanistan, and Kashmir.
The origin of saffron can influence its price and demand.

The source of saffron

The market demand

Saffron is used for various purposes such as cooking, medicine, cosmetics, or dyeing. The demand for saffron can vary depending on the season, culture, trends, or events.

Prices of saffron per gram

According to my web searches, the prices of saffron per gram vary depending on the quality, origin, and packaging of saffron.

Germany: 11 to 13 euros
France: 8 to 11 euros
Netherlands: 11 to 13 euros
The difference in the Price of saffron Buying may be due to factors such as supply and demand, production costs, import tariffs, taxes, and exchange rates.

Prices of saffron per gram

Iranian saffron wholesale

several Iranian saffron wholesale centers in Europe claim to offer pure saffron at competitive prices.
One of them is King Business Company, which imports Iranian saffron and Afghan red gold to European countries.

Price of saffron Buying

To buy pure saffron from these companies, you may need to contact them directly through their websites or phone numbers and inquire about their products, prices, delivery options, and payment methods.
You may also want to check their quality certificates, customer reviews, and return policies before making a purchase.

Iranian saffron wholesale

The export value of saffron

According to, in 2021, the export value of saffron amounted to roughly 1.52 million euros, while the import of saffron to the Netherlands was valued at 1.59 million euros.
The import value of saffron has increased by more than 50% since 2016, while the export value has fluctuated between 1 and 2 million euros.

Saffron in the Netherlands

This suggests that there is a demand for saffron in the Netherlands, but also a supply that meets or exceeds it.
The price per kilogram of saffron varies depending on the quality and origin, but it can range from 2500 to 3500 euros.
This is much higher than other spices but still affordable for many consumers.

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