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Concentrate produced from pure saffronProperties of saffron concentrateWhat are the uses of concentrate?Know the dosage of concentrate:Red gold concentrate storage timeWhat is saffron extract?Buy saffron and its extractAmount of consumption for milk factories and ...Buy saffron and its products
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Saffron concentrate or extract is actually the concentrated form of saffron called concentrate.
Simply put: if a substance loses water or saffron solvent to a large extent under pressure and heat, it becomes a product called concentrate.
Do you know what the uses of this product are?
In the following section, get acquainted with this new product and
other red gold meta products of Saffron King  Business Company.

Concentrate produced from pure saffron

Concentrate produced from pure saffron
Concentrate produced from pure saffron

New product: Saffron concentrate A completely pure
product of saffron is produced that has crocin and high coloring grade.
Percentage of purity in concentrate SE
The crocin percentage of this product is higher than 96%.
Three milligrams of saffron concentrate is used in a glass of milk.
One gram of this saffron product has the ability to color along with
the aroma of saffron and steadily in the amount of five liters of saffron.

Properties of saffron concentrate

This product has many properties.
In fact, you can use pure red gold.

Strengthen the immune system
Strengthen sexual power

What are the uses of concentrate?

What are the uses of concentrate?
What are the uses of concentrate?

Used in dairy industry (yogurt, milk, etc.).
This product is used in the beverage industry.
In ice cream factories
Chocolate production
In fact, any food industry that uses saffron as a natural coloring and flavoring supplement in products.
In the cosmetics industry, skin rejuvenating properties are used in cosmetics
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Know the dosage of concentrate:

Saffron drink:
5 grams of this product is used for one liter of drink.
The drink that is prepared actually has between 45 and 50% of pure saffron

Preparation of saffron milk
To prepare saffron milk, mix one-fifth of this product in two glasses of milk, which you can add to the extract with 2 liters of milk.

Red gold concentrate storage time

Normally, the storage time of red gold concentrate is up to 6 months,
and if stored properly and at the right temperature,
this product can be stored for up to two years.

What is saffron extract?

What is saffron extract?
What is saffron extract?

One of the best new products that Saffron King  Business Company introduces to you is pure saffron extract.
Unlike the extracts that are prepared with chemical essential oils,
this product is completely derived from the saffron itself.
This extract has all the properties of aroma, taste, color of saffron.
The most important thing is the color fastness in this product, which remains completely stable as a complement to any product and has a very high color.
Saffron perfume and concentrate is one of the new products of Kanig Saffron Company.

Buy saffron and its extract

Most companies used essential oils (chemicals) in the past.

Currently, Saffron King  Business Company is 100% ready to sign contracts with beverage companies with its new products.
These factories can even be added to the product of buttermilk, milk, etc. as a supplement.
Uses of this pure saffron extract: As a supplement, flavoring and natural color, it can be used in products: saffron butter, saffron milk, saffron dough, saffron ice cream, etc.

Amount of consumption for milk factories and …

One liter of pure saffron extract can be added to 320 liters of drink.
In fact, 3 cc in one liter of drink is enough to get the flavor and color of saffron.
Of course, other special ingredients are added to saffron drink besides pure water and saffron extract.
But the taste, color and smell of this type of drink is completely saffron.

Buy saffron and its products

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We offer you different types of bulk saffron in new packages.
Meanwhile, the company’s new products have been welcomed by traders.

Buy saffron and its products
Buy saffron and its products
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