Saffron price in Austria

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Selling Iranian saffron1 gram of saffron in eurosThe saffron price in AustriaWholesale of saffronOnline shopping for saffronSaffron import to EuropeSaffron sales branch in Vienna

What will be the trend of importing saffron to Europe in 2023?
The branch selling saffron in Vienna (King brand) was opened this month.
The wholesale saffron price in Austria is 3100 to 3560 euros.

Saffron price in Austria
Saffron price in Austria

Selling Iranian saffron

How is the buying and selling of Iranian saffron in the cities of Graz and Units?
The saffron price in Austria depends on several important factors.
The type of product that is demanded in different cities of this country is different.
But Iranian grade A saffron of King brand has more demand in the market of the cities of this country.

1 gram of saffron in euros

What products does the King Business store offer in Austria?
All branches selling Iranian saffron of King brand are the wholesalers of this product.
According to the demand of the Austrian market, 5 types of red gold are offered in this store.
All types of products of this brand are offered to the market in three grades: N, A, and A+.
The average price of 1 gram of saffron at king shop is 11 euros.

1 gram of saffron in euros
1 gram of saffron in euros

The saffron price in Austria

One of the important factors in determining the saffron price in Austria is the quality of the product.
A+ grade has a price difference between 400 and 600 euros with N grade saffron.
Each kilo of Iranian saffron in the Austrian market today is from $3180 to $3590.

Wholesale of saffron

Who are the major buyers of bulk saffron in Austria?
More than 80% of Iranian saffron buyers in Europe are companies and businesses that buy the product in bulk.
The final consumers of red gold constitute more than 20% of the buyers of this product.
This group is mostly housewives and people who go to online stores or saffron shopping centers.

Wholesale of saffron
Wholesale of saffron

Online shopping for saffron

How much is a gram of saffron?
When it comes to online shopping, our mind goes to retail products.
King online store is the supplier of the best Iranian saffron in the European market.
Of course, the sales level of this brand’s products is international.

Saffron import to Europe

In European countries, the consumption of saffron is increasing every day.
Various research and tests have been done on this product.
This problem has caused different uses for saffron to be considered.
For example, pharmaceutical and chocolate companies have important contracts with the King brand to supply saffron.

Saffron import to Europe
Saffron import to Europe

Saffron sales branch in Vienna

As mentioned, King Business has several sales branches in Europe.
Due to the activity of these branches, European buyers can easily receive saffron at their addresses.
The saffron sales branch in Vienna supplies the market of important Austrian cities.
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