Saffron price in Spain

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What is the price of 1 gram of saffron in Madrid?
What is the saffron price in Spain in October?
The saffron store in Barcelona is a wholesaler of the best types of Iranian saffron and the red gold of Afghanistan and Spain with the King brand.

Saffron price in Spain
Saffron price in Spain

Wholesale of saffron

The price of saffron in Spain is between 3900 and 4260 euros.
King Business company supplies products mainly in the market of European countries.
It is possible to buy from this reliable brand online and at the sales center.

1 gram of saffron in Madrid

As you know, Spain is one of the largest producers of saffron in the world.
This country operates as the largest exporter of saffron in the form of packaging and bulk at the international level.
Part of the export products of this country is exported to Italy, France, and other European countries under the King Business brand.
1 gram of saffron in Madrid is available for 9 to 11 euros.

Online shopping for saffron

In this article, we examine saffron prices in Spain.
It was mentioned in the previous sections that the wholesale price of Iranian saffron in this country is up to 4560 euros.
It is expected that at the beginning of 2023, we will have a 2-5% increase in the sales rate of this valuable product.
To make it easy for customers to access, King products are also sold online.

Saffron store in Barcelona

How many types of products are offered in the Barcelona saffron store?
King Business offers its products to the market mainly in three grades.
Grade N: This type of product is mostly used for food consumption and restaurants.
Saffron Grade A saffron: This product sells more than other types because it can be used in various food and pharmaceutical stores and industries.
Grade A+ product: This type has a higher price than other types, and in terms of appearance and quality, it is higher than the other grades.

The price of 1 kilo of saffron

How is buying and selling saffron in bulk?
The minimum quantity considered for wholesale is one kilogram.
The price of 1 kg of saffron in Spain is between 3980 and 4360 dollars.
This rate is related to sales of 1 to 10 kg of red gold in Europe.

Retail sale of saffron

Offering the product in partial and small packages is one of the important methods of selling saffron in Spain.
Packaging companies in this country package this product in a specialized way.
According to the market of different countries, the product is offered to the buyer in special packages for the destination market.

Saffron price in Spain

According to how we buy the product, its purchase price will be different.
Saffron price in Spain for bulk sale was mentioned in the previous sections.
Retail sale of saffron in Europe is done at different rates.
At King shop, each gram of saffron for the Spanish market is offered for 11 euros.

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