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Criteria for selecting pure saffronSaffron packagingSaffron shopping mallSaffron propertiesBuy bulk saffronSeller of the best bulk saffronThe biggest buyers of saffronSaffron price
Price of saffron in East Azerbaijan

The use of saffron as a food seasoning has a great nutritional value.
It is also known as red gold all over the world due to its quality, color, smell, taste and many properties.
Iran, Spain and Afghanistan produce saffron.
The seller of the best bulk saffron (Saffron King Company) packs the best types of red gold and exports it to all over the world.

Criteria for selecting pure saffron

Seller of the best bulk saffron
Seller of the best bulk saffron

As you know, most quality saffron products are made in Iran.
A significant amount of this crop is grown in Afghanistan.
We have agricultural land in these two countries.
You can buy the highest quality pure saffron directly from our farmers.
Did you know that one of the largest and most reputable Seller of the best bulk saffron is Saffron King.
This company offers you a variety of quality saffron in different categories.
Saffron Negin,
Pushal Saffron,
Saffron Sargol Mumtaz
It is one of the best types of red gold.

Saffron packaging

These products are packaged by their reputable saffron agencies.
We also ship in bulk worldwide.
Buyers who buy saffron in bulk, in fact, these individuals and companies choose the types of red gold according to specified criteria.
In reputable stores across the country, they are sold in small packages (half to 5 grams).
One of the most important online stores is

Saffron shopping mall

Saffron shopping mall
Saffron shopping mall

Some criteria for selecting and buying saffron include the following;

The amount of color of saffron product
Spicy and pleasant smell of saffron
Product quality

Also, another criterion for selecting all-red saffron is that this type of saffron is produced from the upper part and the saffron stigma, because the upper part of the saffron strands has the most odor and color.
The quality and medicinal properties of red gold have led many maples and companies to consider this type of product (all red saffron) for export or purchase.

Saffron properties

In addition to the quality of saffron, this product has a lot of nutritional and medicinal value.
Also, due to the presence of minerals and vitamins in saffron, this product has attracted many customers.
Many people use it in their diet, so one of the most important properties of saffron is the anti-cancer properties of this product as well as its invigorating treatment, which is very useful for the body.

Buy bulk saffron

Buy bulk saffron
Buy bulk saffron

Currently, there are many people who are interested in buying bulk saffron in packages.
Buy this product from the production centers without the presence of intermediaries at the best price.
Serves saffron to customers in reputable stores around the world.

Seller of the best bulk saffron

We mentioned in the above section that Saffron King is one of the biggest sellers of the best bulk saffron.
Because we are a producer of saffron, so you can buy the highest quality products at the best price from our company.
Seller of the best bulk saffron

The biggest buyers of saffron

The biggest buyers of saffron
The biggest buyers of saffron

Countries like China, USA, India, European countries, Arab countries are the biggest buyers of pure saffron.
For this reason, most of this product is imported to these countries.

Saffron price

A kilo of saffron sells for between $ 980 and $ 1,800.
The price of saffron depends on several factors.
product type
Its packaging
Purchase amount and order
Product delivery destination
Type of analysis
Valid certifications
Standards and ISOs are among the factors that affect the selling price of saffron.

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