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Stages of production of pure saffronProduction and planting of saffronSaffron harvestSaffron packagingSaffron supply centersThe best seller in saffron
Sale of Saffron Extract

Saffron or red gold as one of the most nutritious and warm spices has many properties and has many fans.
Chocolate companies, pharmaceutical companies; Ice cream makers and grocery stores and shops are important buyers of this product.
In addition to maintaining your health, you should have enough confidence in buying the original saffron
Fortunately, this issue is completely covered by The best seller in saffron.
Saffron King Company delivers the best type of saffron in different packages and your satisfaction is a priority.

Stages of production of pure saffron

The best seller in saffron
The best seller in saffron

Maybe you are wondering what are the stages of saffron production ?!
Here are some tips to help you get started:
By knowing these steps and the production and method of buying saffron and increasing your general information, you will experience safe and comfortable shopping with our company.
The highest quality and The best seller in saffron started in Saffron King.

Production and planting of saffron

The first stage is the production and planting of saffron and then its harvest.
After special agricultural care in the production of saffron and flowering of this type of saffron, patient and experienced people pick saffron flowers accurately.
Carefully remove it in the middle of the flower or flowerbed so that it is not damaged.

Saffron harvest

Saffron harvest
Saffron harvest

After removing the saffron from the field, it is prepared in a dry environment away from sunlight until it is completely dry and ready to be sent.
If saffron reaches the customer wet, its quality may be lost.

Saffron packaging

In the last stage, after weighing the saffron, it is classified in half and one gram packages and then placed in special saffron packages.
All its specifications are written on these packages.
The date of production and packaging of saffron as well as how to use and other important items are written on these packages.

Saffron supply centers

Saffron supply centers
Saffron supply centers

If you also want to buy saffron directly from a farmer, you can contact Saffron King experts.
When you buy products directly from the supplier, you are assured of their quality as well as its price.
Buy the highest quality products at the best prices from saffron supply centers.

The best seller in saffron

Saffron King is one of the largest red gold sales centers and the most prestigious saffron supply center.
These producers, who are the centers of direct supply of saffron, in addition to face-to-face sales to off-face sales that are done online and online.
If you want to buy The best seller in saffron, you can refer to the reputable site of these sellers.
To buy the highest quality products, contact our company’s support team and receive the saffron you need in various and standard packages.

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