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Saffron liquid is obtained from the saffron plant using special devices.
The price of saffron extract varies according to its quality and the amount
of crocin and safranal in it.

Types of saffron extract

Saffron extract is produced in different types and available to buyers:
Powdered saffron extract that is soluble in water
An oily type of product that is soluble in fat.
Liquid saffron extract that is soluble in water.

Application of saffron extract in pharmaceutical


Export of bulk saffron

Saffron is used in various industries, including in the production of various medicines,
due to its beneficial compounds.
Saffron has anti-anxiety properties.
Pharmacists use saffron essence and liquid to produce anti-anxiety drugs.
Saffron has a calming effect and many herbal sleeping pills use saffron liquid
And it is a very suitable alternative to chemical sleeping pills.

Export of saffron extract

Saffron is known as a versatile plant due to its various uses in various industries.
Today, the scope of saffron consumption has expanded all over the world.
King Business Group has exclusive saffron farms in Iran and Afghanistan.

What is saffron extract?

Le prix du safran en avril + acheter du safran

Saffron extract is a solution that contains all the useful substances of the saffron plant.
This product is actually a sap that contains all the components of
the saffron plant and one of its components is essential oil.
Our group of companies produces various types of saffron products,
including saffron extract.

The price of saffron extract

According to the amount of crocin in the product, the price of buying and selling it is different.
On average, the price of saffron extract is $600 to $960 per gram.

The difference between essential oil and saffron extract

Crocin saffron

Essential oils often have a pungent smell and taste and are known as volatile oils or special oils.
Plant extract has more power than essential oil and essential oil has more power than plant sweats.
King Business Company exports saffron and its extract to different parts of the world, including the European Union.

Export of saffron in King Business Company

We have branches and sales offices in all European and other countries.
If you buy from our companies, you can easily place your order in Europe as DDP.
Deliver to the destination address and in other countries as CIF, behind the customs.

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