The price of Spanish saffron is one gram

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The price of Spanish saffron is one gram
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What is the name of the most prestigious 1 gram saffron shopping center in Europe?
Introducing the largest sales center of pure saffron in Europe
Spanish saffron price list of one gram in this month’s special sale
Wholesale saffron prices in Saffron King store

The price of Spanish saffron is one gram
The price of Spanish saffron is one gram

Selling Spanish saffron

Saffron King store is one of the largest wholesalers of saffron for export.
The products of this company are delivered directly to the customer.
We produce first-class types of saffron in saffron farms.
Sales of pure Spanish saffron in our stores are mainly offered to the market.
Due to the fact that we are the wholesaler of saffron, we offer saffron in
the weights of one gram, two grams, etc. to the market in bulk.
This means that the lowest amount of saffron to buy in the saffron online store (
) Is 1000 packages.

Bulk saffron prices

It is more economical for consumers to buy saffron in one gram and several grams.
In fact, it is better for buyers.
The customer buys 1 gram of saffron from the store according to his consumption.
Most people prefer to buy saffron fresh and in proportion to their daily consumption.
For this reason, buying one gram and a half of Spanish saffron sells better in the market.
Of course, the online stores of this product are also offered in half gram and 0.25 weights.
In the online store, the price of one gram of saffron in Europe is between 3 and 6 euros
But the price of bulk saffron (the price of one kilo of saffron) is between 1350 to 1850 euros.

Buy saffron Retail saffron

Buy saffron Retail saffron
Buy saffron Retail saffron

0.52 grams – half a gram and one gram, etc. are used as basic weights in saffron retail.
In rye countries, saffron is bought for one meal and the package is bought for 0.05 grams and 0.10-0.25 more.
Saffron King store is one of the largest 1 gram saffron shopping centers in the European saffron market.
Saffron is bought in hot and bulk packages from this company at a wholesale rate.
In the next section, I will tell you about the conditions for buying saffron from the online store.

Saffron King Store

Non-plastic and environmentally friendly packaging is very popular in Europe.
The European market is quality-oriented, meaning that the quality of products and packaging is very important.
See the weights that are provided by default in the Saffron King store below.
The type of packaging is very diverse and the customer can order any type he wants.
You can visit to see the type of products and packaging of 1 gram and kg.

Retail in packages:

1 _ half a gram
2 _ 1 g
3 _ 5 g
4 _ 0.25 g
5 _ 0.10 g

Wholesale in packages:

1 _ 250 g
2 _ 400 g
3 _ 500 g
4 _ 1 kg
5 _ 2 kg
6 _ 5 kg

The price of one gram of Spanish saffron is between 2.5 and 3 euros.
Special discounts for purchases over 1500 packages are given by the company to the buyer.

Saffron King Store
Saffron King Store
The Saffron King Store offers its products at wholesale prices.
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