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Selling fresh saffronThe best suppliers of saffron LiquidThe most important seller of saffron in EuropeProduction of the highest qualityWholesale of saffron extractServices of King Business CompanyBuy from reputable suppliersHow to identify the original saffron Liquid?The purchase price of saffron extractBuying saffronGet the saffron price list
Wholesale of saffron extract

A very good offer for your saffron business is a new product called saffron Liquid.
Here we introduce you to the best wholesale of saffron extract in Europe.

Selling fresh saffron

With superior quality and at a wholesale price, it is impressive for businesses looking for competition and quality.

The best suppliers of saffron Liquid

These suppliers carefully source saffron from top sources such as Iran, Spain, or Afghanistan.
Places with the best conditions for saffron growth.
They carefully harvest the red gold to protect the quality and properties of saffron.

The most important seller of saffron in Europe

King Business is one of the main producers and wholesalers of saffron in Europe.

Production of the highest quality

Achat de safran pur - prix du safran Allemagne, France

We guarantee that our saffron extract is free of any contaminants.
Also, we preserve important compounds such as crocin, safranal, and picrocrocin, which are prominent properties of saffron.
This product is produced in Saffron King Business in cooperation with a Swiss laboratory.

Wholesale of saffron extract

1 kilo of Afghan saffron

In addition, as the main wholesale of saffron extract, King Business is committed to providing quality products with stable and growing quality.

Services of King Business Company

The price of Afghan saffron

Excellent customer service is another feature of this main wholesaler of saffron extract in Europe.
We understand the diverse needs of our customers.
At our company, we provide the right solutions, timely delivery, and unparalleled support to meet the unique demands of each customer.

Buy from reputable suppliers

A saffron extract wholesaler should not only supply quality products but also provide you with experience and service.
Choosing the right supplier for liquid saffron can be of great help to your business.

How to identify the original saffron Liquid?

saffron in Herat

To identify the original product, it is better to pay attention to the packaging and labels.
Due to its high value and quality, liquid red gold is packaged in small containers or bottles.
Saffron Liquid is usually sold in different forms due to its edible and medicinal properties.
Therefore, you may see this product in spice shops pharmacies, or even supermarkets.
The packaging may vary by brand but is usually clearly labeled as saffron extract.

The purchase price of saffron extract

Saffron extract price (10 mg)

In Europe, saffron extract prices are around 4 euros for 1 mg.
Each 10 mg container costs 4.99 euros to the European market.

Buying saffron

Sale of pure saffron - price of saffron Germany, France

To get an accurate price, it is best to consult with the main suppliers and wholesalers in this field in Europe.

Get the saffron price list

Servizio clienti zafferano re

Experts may have different prices and options for liquid red gold.
In addition, prices may fluctuate based on market conditions and quality.
We at King Business are ready to answer your questions about buying saffron extract.

Mr. S . Biglah

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Consulting and Ordering Saffron

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