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Price per kilo of saffronBenefits of using saffron in foodBenefits of saffronBuy the best grade saffronFluctuation of saffron sales priceSaffron Wholesale CenterBuy and sell bulk saffronThe largest saffron shopping centerSaffron prices - wholesale

Sargol Mumtaz saffron is very high quality and has a very high color.
In addition to high nutritional value, this product has many therapeutic
properties and is widely used.
Saffron King Business is a wholesaler and retailer of saffron.
The minimum purchase amount of saffron from the main company is 50 kg.
If you want a smaller amount of saffron (1 gram to 1 kg) you can buy from our sales branches.
Saffron prices – wholesale and retail are uploaded daily on the company’s website.

Price per kilo of saffron

Price per kilo of saffron
Price per kilo of saffron

The price of this product depends on the quality, sales method and production brand.
Producers produce the best saffron and supply it directly, delivering the product to customers at the lowest price.
Therefore, to buy Sargol Mumtaz saffron, you can order the product in person or online and buy it at the lowest price.

Benefits of using saffron in food

As you know, Iran is one of the top and selected countries in planting and producing saffron in the world.
This valuable product has many applications and has been used in various foods,
desserts, sweets and drinks since ancient times.
It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry due to its many
therapeutic and medicinal properties.

Benefits of saffron

The use of saffron in food, in addition to excellent taste, aroma and golden yellow color and its attractiveness has many benefits and strengthens the immune system and its health.
One of its most important properties is its relaxation and joy, which has a great effect on the treatment of depression, stress and anxiety.
In addition, the antioxidants in it protect the consumer from some cancers.
In addition, strengthening the heart and liver, treating diabetes, improving brain function, etc. are other benefits of saffron.

Buy the best grade saffron

Buy the best grade saffron
Buy the best grade saffron

Grade A saffron is produced in bulk with quality and is marketed
in different packages and weights based on market needs.
Manufacturers also offer this product to buyers directly or without intermediaries in bulk or individually (half and one gram) for the sale of grade one saffron.
For this reason, buyers can easily order the required volume of this product by purchasing the best Sargol Mumtaz saffron by visiting the producers or reputable sales centers in the city or by buying online at an excellent price.

Fluctuation of saffron sales price

It should be noted that in bulk purchases, due to the lack of intermediaries and the high volume of purchases, the prices are very affordable and have special discounts.
Also, in fast and easy online shopping, due to spending time and low
cost and the possibility of viewing the product and comparing prices at those prices,
it is unbelievable and is considered as the best way to buy.

Saffron Wholesale Center

What is the price of bulk saffron in the most prestigious saffron wholesale center?
Saffron King Business Company is the largest shopping center for premium saffron.
This saffron store offers a variety of products for wholesale or retail distribution of saffron.
To buy saffron with 100% guaranteed quality, just contact our experts.

Buy and sell bulk saffron

Major distribution of saffron in packages of several grams and buying and selling of bulk saffron
Wholesale sales are done in 2 ways:
1. Major distribution of small packages
2. Sale of kilo of bulk saffron
In the first method, markets, shops, supermarkets, etc. are the main buyers.
Also, in the second method, the wholesale of saffron is done
by reputable and important companies, such as Saffron King Business.
Saffron prices – wholesale and retail are done by this company.

The largest saffron shopping center

The largest saffron shopping center
The largest saffron shopping center

One of the main concerns of saffron buyers is quick access to the product.
You can receive your order at the final destination at your address Saffron.
To buy the best products, you can contact our company’s sales managers.

Saffron prices – wholesale

Due to the fact that our company has different departments.
Our trading team provides you with the price of each kilo of saffron – wholesale and retail on a daily basis on our website.

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