Wholesale saffron sales in Europe by King + bulk Iranian saffron company

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Wholesale saffron sales in EuropeSaffron distributor companyAdvertising for Iranian saffronAdvertisements for buying and selling saffronRecruitment in the marketing unit

Wholesale saffron sales in Europe are carried out by King Business.
The advertising department of this company focuses on bulk Iranian saffron.

Wholesale saffron sales in Europe

Saffron standards

Saffron King Business is an international company registered in 29 countries.
This company is one of the largest companies in the field of selling and exporting sample saffron in the world.
This company produces Iranian saffron and Afghan saffron and distributes it in European countries.
The main activity of this company; Export of saffron to different countries and sale of saffron is major in Europe.

Saffron distributor company

King Business Company is made up of many departments due to the scope of its activities.
Departments such as management department, sales department, export department, purchasing department, training department, production department and marketing department.
Each of these units and departments have their own coherent tasks and programs.
Accurate and coherent plans to advance the company’s goals.

Saffron King Marketing Department

During the meeting held by the management department with Mr. Engineer Noori from the marketing department, important issues were discussed.
In the meeting, the need to form a new team in the marketing department was mentioned.
In this department, advertising content is produced to sell saffron.
Part of the focus of this unit is on content production for bulk Iranian saffron.

Advertising for Iranian saffron

Various contents are produced and published in this section.
These contents are related to the sale of wholesale saffron, bulk saffron, packaged saffron, Iranian and Afghan saffron, and saffron extract.
Considering the extensive activities of the King company in different countries, the responsibility of this department is very important and large.
In this section, various contents are produced in German, French, English, Italian, Arabic, Persian and Dutch languages.
The production of photos, videos and text for publication in various social networks is done in this department.
King Business has an active presence in social networks such as WhatsApp, Telegram, YouTube, Aparat, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Advertisements for buying and selling saffron

Zafferano falso

In the aforementioned meeting, several other important issues were discussed.

  • Issues such as forming a new team in the marketing department
  • Planning for more coherent activity and accurate information to customers and audiences
  • And the need to clarify all the company’s activities, mentioning details for contacts and customers

According to the plans, Mr. Noori and the marketing team are going to publish important materials related to the King company.
All activities, services, and services related to buying and selling saffron of the company are supposed to be published in written form.
This information will be available to contacts and customers in the form of text, video, photo, video and audio file.

Recruitment in the marketing unit

It should be mentioned that technical issues were also raised in this meeting.
In this meeting, the issue of recruiting new personnel in the marketing team was discussed.
According to the senior managers of King Business, the quality of the marketing team’s activities (according to reports) is appropriate.
Currently, these activities are supposed to increase with the expansion of videos, photos and various texts.
The topic of these activities will be in the fields of saffron packaging, saffron export, bulk saffron and wholesale saffron sales in Europe.

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