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Major distribution of saffronSelling saffron as soon as possibleSelling saffron on a holidayWholesale of saffron in Europe and IranCustomers of bulk saffron and packaged saffronSaffron extract in EuropeBuy saffron extractIn the private sector including:And in the public domain, it also includes:
Major distribution of saffron

Major distribution of saffron around the world.
Distribution of bulk saffron and saffron extract internationally by King Company.

Major distribution of saffron

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A major part of the activities of King Business Company is the export of Iranian saffron and Afghan saffron to Europe.
Major distribution of saffron (Nagin saffron and Super Nagin saffron) in Europe and around the world is carried out by this company.
King’s headquarters is located in the Netherlands.
The import of Iranian and Afghan saffron with different quality grades (such as Nagin A saffron and Super Nagin A+ saffron) is carried out in the port of Rotterdam.
After importing these products, this company distributes saffron throughout Europe.
Also, an online saffron store has been launched for customers who are looking for bulk saffron and packaged saffron.
Despite all these conditions, the King company is still seeking to increase the quality of the services provided.

Selling saffron as soon as possible

Mr. Engineer Arin is the vice president of all Saffron King Business companies in Europe.
He said that several meetings have been held for the implementation of service shifts on holidays.
These days, due to the very high volume of work and the wide scope of activities of King Business Company, we have decided to create work shifts on holidays.
These working conditions made managers think of solutions to solve some of these problems.
Mr. Arin, as a creative, capable person and the vice president of King Business Company, proposed an alternative shift.
Selling saffron as soon as possible for customers is one of the services that King Company is looking for.
This plan has been presented by him for several months and it has been started for several days after the necessary planning.

Selling saffron on a holiday

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Creating a new work shift with the aim of selling saffron faster was mainly due to these three reasons:
1- The difference between European holidays and working days with Iran for buying and selling saffron
2- Work pressure in order registration of some products such as bulk saffron and packaged saffron
3- Observance of buyers and consumers and improving their satisfaction

Wholesale of saffron in Europe and Iran

According to the new program, there is an alternative work shift on all holidays in Iran, i.e. Thursday and Friday, and Saturday and Sunday in Europe.
Alternative work shift, according to King’s main mission and activity, is supposed to answer all customers on a full-time basis.
Wholesale of saffron in Europe and Iran is carried out by King company on all working days and holidays.
All customers who are looking for Iranian saffron and Afghan saffron can use this service.

Customers of bulk saffron and packaged saffron

Export of bulk saffron

According to the research, the response of our colleagues has been very good, especially in the email section.
In such a way that emails were answered online or in the end within 5 hours (the average response time was 45 minutes).
Of course, it should be noted that this response was done on working days.
Emails and phone calls will now be answered immediately under the new alternate shift schedule.
Also, our company is ready to place orders for saffron on holidays.
In addition, sending and even organizing business meetings and negotiations are done on a holiday.

Saffron extract in Europe

As we have mentioned in previous posts, King Business Company has produced saffron extract with the cooperation and participation of a Swiss laboratory.
These two companies (King Company and Swiss Company) have been able to register the patent and its exclusive use in their name.
Patent registration has certain rules and conditions, and after that no one has the right to imitate that product.

Buy saffron extract

The purchase of saffron extract is mainly done by these two categories of customers.

In the private sector including:

1_ Pharmacies
2_ Pharmacology
3_ Pharmacies

And in the public domain, it also includes:

1_ Housewives
2_ Restaurants
3_ Stores and supermarkets
Also, this product is considered as a medicinal supplement.

Mr. S . Biglah

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