What is the secret of the success of the Berlin saffron agency in the distribution and sale of saffron?

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Berlin agency, one of the most active agencies of Saffron King BusinessSaffron pricing trend in BerlinAmbassadors plan, a new and exciting challengeSaffron sales ambassador in BerlinThe work process and reports of Berlin saffron agencySuccesses of the Berlin representative in selling saffron
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Berlin Saffron is represented by Mr. Yousefi. He has been very successful in the field of selling and distributing saffron. (The plan of ambassadors was implemented in Berlin.)

Berlin agency, one of the most active agencies of Saffron King Business

Berlin agency, one of the most active agencies of Saffron King Business

King Business is a commercial company that operates in the field of saffron production and sale internationally. This company has different agencies all over Germany and the world, each of them tries to deliver quality products to customers by observing high standards.
One of the active and dynamic agencies of this company is the Berlin Saffron agency, which is managed by Mr. Yousefi. In the past days, this agency has held various meetings with the company’s head office and reported on its work process. In this text, we will mention some important and interesting topics of these meetings.

Saffron pricing trend in Berlin

Pricing is one of the influential factors in the competitive saffron market. You have to set the right and reasonable price for your products in order to attract customers and earn a good profit. The Berlin agency has announced appropriate and competitive prices for its products according to the local and global market conditions. These prices are reviewed and updated periodically to keep up with market fluctuations.

Ambassadors plan, a new and exciting challenge

The ambassador plan is a new and innovative plan launched by Saffron King Business. This plan is such that individuals or companies active and businessmen in the field of saffron business become members as ambassadors of Saffron King Business. Ambassadors sell and promote the company’s products in their region or globally. These ambassadors benefit from the sale of products in the form of commission and also enjoy special discounts and rewards.
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Saffron sales ambassador in Berlin

Manager of Saffron King store in Germany

The Berlin representative office is one of the representative offices that has taken the lead in implementing this plan and has attracted several ambassadors to its region. One of these ambassadors is an economic activist and a successful businessman who has his own company in the field of producing and selling various products.
In addition to his activities, he plans to introduce first-class Iranian saffron as a quality and marketable product in Germany and other countries. This ambassador is preparing for the distribution of saffron in Austria in cooperation with the Berlin representation.

The work process and reports of Berlin saffron agency

The Berlin representative office, due to its wide and diverse activities, needs regular and accurate reporting to the company’s headquarters. This reporting is done in order to coordinate, consult, support and solve possible problems. In agreement with the headquarters, the Berlin representative office has decided to send a full and comprehensive report of its activities to the headquarters by phone, SMS or email during the week.
The Berlin agency faces various challenges and opportunities throughout the day. Some of the daily activities of this agency are:

  • Selling saffron in bulk to major customers
  • Selling packaged saffron to retail customers
  • Recruitment and training of new ambassadors
  • Communicating with active ambassadors and answering their questions and needs
  • Planning and implementation of advertising and marketing plans
  • Updating product prices based on market fluctuations
  • Sending saffron to USA, England, Austria and…

Successes of the Berlin representative in selling saffron

According to the above, it can be said that the Berlin representative office is one of the pioneers of Saffron King Business. By carrying out diverse and high-quality activities, this agency is trying to supply valuable saffron products at the international level.
By implementing the ambassador plan, this agency has provided new opportunities for the development of its market and the company. The Berlin representative office is trying to increase the sale of saffron with constant cooperation and coordination with the company’s central office.

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