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Increasing the export of saffronThe major export of saffronThe price of buying saffron in ItalySaffron sales representative in RomeBuy saffron from an online storeThe daily price of saffronIranian Saffron in AmericaBulk saffron in Washington, D.CNew saffron planting training coursesCultivation of saffron in a new waySaffron planting training

Today, in the news that was published on the website, we are reviewing the Iranian Saffron in America and the price of saffron in Europe, and Italy, as well as the registration of new saffron planting training courses.

Increasing the export of saffron

Export of saffron to Europe

According to the statistics and news published by the National Saffron Council in Iran, the export of Iranian saffron has increased by 15 to 20 percent in the past month.
Does the increase in red gold exports affect the price of this product?

The major export of saffron

In the first three months of the year, the export trend of Iranian saffron to European countries increased by 63% compared to the same period last year gone.
This increase in supply compared to demand has caused the price of this product to fluctuate in the market.

The price of buying saffron in Italy

Saffron standards

The news published today by the commercial unit indicates the increase in the price of buying saffron in Italy.
In Rome, each kilo of red gold is distributed to the market at 2490 euros.

Saffron sales representative in Rome

King Business Group has active representation throughout the European Union, including in Rome.
Your order will be delivered to your final address in Italy within 2 to 4 working days.

Buy saffron from an online store

Saffron online store

Currently, buying from online stores is one of the easiest and fastest ways to buy.
If you intend to buy red gold online, you can go to webshops
Visit King Business Collection at,

The daily price of saffron

In our online stores, the daily price of different types of this product in bulk and packaging
is loaded.
The daily price of all types of saffron in the online store of the King Business Collection is sold between 8 and 12 euros for 1 gram.

Iranian Saffron in America

Export of saffron to America

The head office of King Business Group, in America is one of the target destinations for exporting this product
Has introduced.
On Monday, 8 kilos of this product will be sent in bulk to America.

Bulk saffron in Washington, D.C

Mrs. Engineer Zarini, the honorable manager of the export unit, announced: This order consists of semi-packaged kilos and one kilo is prepared and ready to be exported to Washington, D.C.
Iranian Saffron in America.

New saffron planting training courses

Saffron Economic Journal - Saffron King

In King Business Company, registration for new red gold planting training courses has started.
Mr. Engineer Chelawi, director of the planting training unit, said:
These classes will be held both face-to-face and online.

Cultivation of saffron in a new way

What topics are taught in saffron planting courses?
These courses will teach you all the stages of planting, maintaining, and harvesting saffron from zero to one hundred.
New rounds of training for greenhouse planting of this product are strategic.

Saffron planting training

King Business Company organizes training courses for planting red gold on its farm.
Also, methods of optimizing the planting of this product, to reduce costs, such as reducing water consumption
And on the other hand, increasing the quality of the product is taught to the students.

Mr. S . Biglah

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