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Rules for exporting saffron to EuropeExport of 250 grams of saffronSale of saffronHow to export saffronThe price of saffron in dollars in 2022Export of Iranian saffronSpecial export packagingThe sale price of bulk saffronWholesale saffronBuy saffron from a farmerInternational Saffron MarketExport profits to the world market

In this section, we will review the saffron export laws.
The price of saffron in USD 2022 is uploaded daily in Saffron King Company.
What is the best way to trade saffron to European, Asian, and American countries? (Export of Iranian saffron )
Due to the fact that our companies are wholesalers of saffron, so you can buy bulk saffron in various packages from our company.

Rules for exporting saffron to Europe

Export of saffron

The price of saffron is usually in dollars.
How to import and send saffron in small quantities is usually done by suitcase.
In the following section, we review the bulk saffron sales method.

Export of 250 grams of saffron

According to the export laws of each country, you can send a certain amount of this product.
For example: to saffron, it can transfer 100 to 250 grams of saffron per passenger.
This method of sending saffron is called saffron baggage export.
According to the travel laws between Iran and Turkey, travel without a visa is currently done.

Sale of saffron

For this reason, many people who intend to travel to European countries and Turkey carry 100 grams to 250 grams of saffron with them to this country. (Export of Iranian saffron)
Of course, the important issue is the sale of saffron, which definitely requires experience and expertise.
In the following section, we will examine how to send saffron and also the price of saffron in dollars in 2022.

How to export saffron

How to export saffron
How to export saffron

In the above section, we mentioned one of the methods of sending red gold (saffron luggage export)
The method of exporting saffron is that we provide the required documents to the customs of the country of origin and send the product to the country in question by the transport companies.
Do you know what documents are required to send red gold to the United States?

The price of saffron in dollars in 2022

A kilo of saffron this month is between $ 180 and $ 1,500.
The price of saffron has not changed much against the 2022 dollar.
The very important point is that: when we send red gold, of course, shipping costs, packaging costs, customs taxes, product insurance costs, and so on. It is added to the price of bulk saffron.

Export of Iranian saffron

Export of saffron

Saffron King is one of the most reputable companies that specialize in sending saffron and selling this product in bulk.
The main sale of saffron in this collection is in packages of one gram to 10 grams.
In wholesale packages are 250 grams, 300, and 500 grams.

Special export packaging

Given that this product is known in the world as red gold, so it is necessary to consider a special export package for it.
So that the quality of the product is 100% maintained.
This plant has very delicate strands and if the packaging is not prepared in accordance with this product, the red-gold strands may be damaged. (Export of Iranian saffron)
In the following section, you can see various types of special packaging for Saffron King. The following section

The sale price of bulk saffron

The sale price of bulk saffron
The sale price of bulk saffron

A gram of saffron is bought and sold in international markets for between 3 and 7 dollars.
The selling price of bulk saffron in the market is between 980 and 1590.
The same product is offered in the Turkish market between 15 and 20 Turkish lire.
In online stores and wholesale saffron, the price of red gold is between 2000 and 3500.

Wholesale saffron

Saffron King is one of the largest suppliers of red gold.
Wholesale sales of saffron and its export are the specialty of our companies.
In the above section, we examined the selling price of saffron together.
Do you also want to buy saffron directly from our farmers?

Buy saffron from a farmer

Buy saffron from a farmer
Buy saffron from a farmer

In order for you to buy the highest quality products at the best prices, we suggest you contact our farmers directly.
Buying saffron from a farmer makes you ensure the quality of your products and also buy your desired products at a very favorable price and start exporting them.

International Saffron Market

As you well know, our company has sales branches in different countries of the world.
If you want to deliver red gold to you and your customers at the final destination, you can contact our experts.
In all European countries, we deliver products to your final destination (in company, warehouse, office, home).

Export profits to the world market

Export profits to the world market
Export profits to the world market

Given that the volume of the product is small but its value is very high, many people are tempted to do the red gold trade.
What is the profit of sending saffron?
Of course, this depends on several factors:
Product Quality
Package type
Destination of sending
Order quantity and are factors that have a direct impact on the sales profit of this product.

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