Leading Saffron Supplier in Europe

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Trustworthy Saffron ProcurementLuxury Saffron Sales in EuropeSaffron Use in Food ProductsDistribution of Iranian SaffronBulk Sale of Iranian SaffronSaffron Price in EuropeLeading Saffron Supplier in EuropeSaffron Sales in EuropeCooperation Agreement and Customer CommitmentAvoid Overpaying for SaffronProduct and Service ExcellenceProcuring Saffron
European Market for Iranian Saffron | Wholesale Saffron in Europe

Fresh data from King Business’s performance shows it as the leading saffron supplier in Europe.

Trustworthy Saffron Procurement

Leading Saffron Supplier in Europe

The company is recognized across European cities as one of the most reputable sellers of Iranian saffron.

Luxury Saffron Sales in Europe

Today, a food distributor in Frankfurt has placed an order for 10 kilograms of saffron from King Business.

Saffron Use in Food Products

This order, graded A in quality, is intended for raw material use in the customer’s factory operations.
The saffron is to be delivered to the customer within three days from King Business’s headquarters.

Distribution of Iranian Saffron

Additionally, another significant sale has been recorded for a saffron distribution company in Italy.
The selling price of saffron in Italy is €2410.

Bulk Sale of Iranian Saffron

Bulk Sale of Iranian Saffron

The customer has purchased 20 kilograms of this precious spice.
It’s noteworthy that this particular company exclusively deals in saffron distribution, supplying the “red gold” to various local centers within the city of Nice.

Saffron Price in Europe


Saffron prices have been announced at €2490 in Paris, Berlin, Venice, Frankfurt, Rotterdam, and Brussels.
However, in retail, the price of 1 gram of saffron has ranged from 5 to 9 euros in major European cities.

Leading Saffron Supplier in Europe

King Business boasts an array of unique features.
Leveraging advanced distribution channels and technologies, we stand as a beacon in our sector.
Our company is steadfastly committed to delivering unparalleled excellence in saffron products to our esteemed customers.

Saffron Sales in Europe

The company offers a wide range of premium saffron, including products from Iran, Afghanistan, and Spain.
Consequently, it’s recognized as one of the most reputable sources of this product in Europe and globally.

Cooperation Agreement and Customer Commitment

Cooperation Agreement and Customer Commitment

Furthermore, King Business offers a customized proposal to its loyal customers.
This crucial proposal involves entering into a cooperation agreement with the company.

Avoid Overpaying for Saffron

It provides advantageous prices and fixed rates throughout the contract duration for its customers.
In all its contracts, it ensures that customers benefit from unparalleled value and stability in saffron procurement.

Product and Service Excellence

In conclusion, our company emerges as the leading saffron supplier in Europe. Additionally, we have a strong presence in other key European markets.
Its ability to cater to diverse customer preferences and maintain stability in product quality and pricing is commendable.
Its differentiated service offering reinforces its reputation as a trustworthy supplier in the saffron industry.

Procuring Saffron

We appreciate your attention and trust in this report.
If you need further information or assistance, feel free to contact our experts.
Moreover, for purchasing Iranian and Afghan saffron in Europe, you can get in touch with our sales department consultants.

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