Iranian saffron and Afghan saffron in Germany + bulk saffron export

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The largest distributor of saffron in EuropeIranian saffron and Afghan saffron in GermanySaffron sales report to America, Switzerland, Italy and EnglandSaffron production in Afghanistan and IranDistribution of saffron in EuropeIncreasing sales of saffron in Germany
Afghan saffron in Germany

The distributor of Afghan saffron in Germany and all over Europe is King Business.
Sending saffron from Rotterdam port to European countries.

The largest distributor of saffron in Europe

Supplier of saffron in Europe

Saffron King Business is one of the largest producers and distributors of Afghan saffron in Germany.
King Business has different branches in Europe, Asia and America.
This company is ready to provide saffron and saffron products to different countries and regions, such as:
Switzerland (Zurich, Bern, Aarhus)
America (California, New York, New Jersey)
England (London, Manchester, Liverpool)
Germany (Hamburg, Cologne, Dortmund)
Netherlands (Eindhoven, Tilburg, Almire)

Iranian saffron and Afghan saffron in Germany

In Germany, one of the important and active distributors in the field of Afghan saffron and Iranian saffron is the King Business branch.
Recently, important reports have been registered in the Munich office, including the report on the sale of saffron to America.
In the following, we have brought you some items of this report.
If you want to buy saffron, you can contact our different branches.
The central branch of King Company in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (WhatsApp)
Germany branch (whatsapp)

Saffron sales report to America, Switzerland, Italy and England

Saffron standards

In the reports registered in recent days in the German office, the sale of saffron to America, Italy, Switzerland and England has been recorded.
According to registered reports, the German branch has increased sales and exports of saffron in many European countries as well as in some American countries.
It should be noted that the head office of Saffron King Business is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Saffron production in Afghanistan and Iran

As mentioned earlier, King Business Company is one of the largest producers of saffron in the world.
This company is a producer of saffron and to meet its needs, it cooperates with many farmers and suppliers in Afghanistan and Iran.
The distribution of saffron in Europe is as follows: first, saffrons prepared in Iran and Afghanistan are sent to the Netherlands.
The sent saffrons are sent to the Netherlands in two ways:

  1. Packaged saffron: saffron in packages of 1 to 100 grams and even less than 1 gram in metal, glass and paper boxes
  2. Bulk saffron: in packages of half a kilo, one kilo, five kilos and one hundred kilos

Distribution of saffron in Europe

Buy saffron for export in Europe

Based on weekly and monthly plans, the desired saffrons are sent to the port of Rotterdam.
After receiving the Afghan and Iranian saffrons in the port of Rotterdam, the head office of King Business distributes them throughout Europe.
Some of these saffrons are given to representatives and branches of the company, and others are delivered directly to saffron traders throughout Europe.

Increasing sales of saffron in Germany

It is expected that the sales of saffron in this branch will increase significantly due to the advertising campaigns and the trainings conducted by the marketing team in the German branch.
Mr. Sina supervises and manages this department in Munich.
He is one of the very smart, clever and capable managers of King Company who has done very good activities.

Mr. S . Biglah

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