Saffron wholesale in Europe and saffron supply in Amsterdam

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Wholesale of saffron in EuropeSales Department of King Business CompanyProviding services and selling saffronIranian saffron sales representativeThe price of saffron per kilo in EuropeBuying saffronSaffron supply in AmsterdamThe price of one gram of saffron in RotterdamThe price of saffron in Amsterdam

The subject of our report is: Saffron supply in Amsterdam and also the price of Iranian saffron in Rotterdam.

Wholesale of saffron in Europe

Buy saffron for export in Europe

In this report, we draw your attention to a part of the business negotiation between the sales department colleagues of King Business Company and a food trading company in Amsterdam.

Sales Department of King Business Company

Colleagues of our sales department who had a video meeting at the headquarters with the company exporting food to America.
This company has been in contact with us almost eight months ago.

Providing services and selling saffron

The purpose of this communication is to create interaction and cooperation between King Business and this trading company in the Netherlands.
Our sales team of quality products and services
The company told them.
It was also discussed that the orders will be delivered to the customer in less than 2 days throughout the Netherlands.

Iranian saffron sales representative

Saffron standards

The representatives of our company are located in different European countries.
You can contact our experts and representatives to buy saffron and get samples. (Whatsapp)

The price of saffron per kilo in Europe

Also, in the continuation of the meeting, the price of each kilo of saffron for distribution in the European market was discussed.
The price of Iranian saffron is between 2290 dollars and 2930 euros.
The saffron supply in Amsterdam is King Business, which provides you with the price of buying and selling saffron on a daily basis on this website.

Buying saffron

Other topics discussed in this meeting were signing a cooperation contract and buying saffron throughout the year.
Our negotiator welcomed this issue and it was decided to sign this contract on Monday next week.

Saffron supply in Amsterdam

The largest seller of saffron in the United States

Throughout Europe, our company saffron supply in Amsterdam.
Due to the important activities of Saffron King Business, this company has become one of the largest suppliers and distributors of Iranian, Afghan and Spanish red gold throughout Europe.

The price of one gram of saffron in Rotterdam

In big cities, the price of saffron depends on the type of packaging and the type of service.
Because there is a lot of competition in these cities.
In general, the price of 1 gram of saffron in Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Maastricht is between 9 and 12 euros.

The price of saffron in Amsterdam

The Netherlands is one of the largest sellers of agricultural products in the world.
In addition, with the presence of the head office of King Business in Rotterdam, it is also one of the Iranian saffron sales centers.
To buy pure saffron, contact our sales department.

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