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Two ways to buy saffronebay, amazon, bol.comSaffron online store in Belgium and the NetherlandsOnline shopping for saffron in GermanyKing Business products in EuropeOnline sale of saffron extract in EuropePlanning to provide customer serviceDistribution of saffron physicallyTypes of saffron extract packagingHow much is the price of saffron extract?How to use saffron extract + liquid saffron
Online sale of saffron extract

In the last week, several important meetings about the online sale of saffron extract were held at the head office of King Business Company, and here we discuss some of its parts.

Two ways to buy saffron

Price of saffron Buying

Through the online stores of King Business, such as,
It is also the online store of the German branch of saffronking.ed.
The second method of buying liquid saffron; It is a reliable online store.

ebay, amazon,

Buy saffron online in Germany

Saffron online store in Belgium and the Netherlands

One of the most important online stores in Belgium and the Netherlands; is Bol (

Online shopping for saffron in Germany is for Germany. is for the whole world.
Online sale of saffron extract in King Business Company is done through these web shops.

King Business products in Europe

One of the products is Red Gold Extract, which is a new product of the company.
From now on, this product will be available to customers through the online stores of the King collection as well as reputable global online stores.
Extract and powder are marketed alongside saffron.

Online sale of saffron extract in Europe

Saffron standards

Stranded red gold is also available online, in the webshops of the King company, and in the world-renowned webshops that we mentioned above.
In several agencies of the company, these products are offered to the European market in two ways.
And in the Netherlands, these products are distributed online and physically in the market.

Planning to provide customer service

Last week, three meetings were held in Rotterdam on the topic of distribution of saffron extract in Europe.
These meetings were held with the presence of sales department personnel as well as respected colleagues of marketing department.
The second meeting was held with the presence of senior managers of the company and this meeting lasted 45 minutes.

Distribution of saffron physically

The physical supply of this product is carried out both by the main company’s head office and by the branches, agencies and other offices that we have throughout European countries.
You can buy these products through shops and supermarkets.

Types of saffron extract packaging

Types of saffron extract packaging

10 ml packaging
premium type
There are three containers of 10 ml in permium packaging.
There is also a brochure inside the package.
The physical characteristics of the product, the biological characteristics of saffron, as well as how to use saffron are included in these brochures.

How much is the price of saffron extract?

According to the conditions of the country, type of packaging, weight, order and other things, the price of saffron extract is different.
A 10 ml package is €49.99.
Premium packaging is available in the European market at a price of 134.90 euros.

How to use saffron extract + liquid saffron

A lot of information about how to use saffron extract is available on the company’s website.
Who should not use this product?
How much saffron can we use in one day?
In which country is the original saffron produced?
Generally; You can contact our experts (WhatsApp) or get all the information you need to use this product through the company’s website.

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