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Bulk purchase of saffronSatisfaction of saffron customers in King companySafe purchase of pure saffronIranian saffron in Spain in EuropeSelling saffron in MadridThe process of buying saffron in EuropeThe price of 1 kilo of Iranian saffronThe selling price of saffron in Europe
Contract with Saffron Supplier Company

In this text, we inform you about the negotiation process with one of the European customers and the sale of Iranian saffron in Spain at King Business Company.

Bulk purchase of saffron

Export of bulk saffron

Yesterday, one of the old customers of King Business Company was in contact with the sales department.
This person has a trading company and exports and imports construction materials.
Our old customer, Mr. Moulai, was connected with King company about 3 years ago.
They are also active in the field of saffron export.

Satisfaction of saffron customers in King company

Mr. Moulai has clients in France and Italy.
They bought 500 grams of saffron and sent it to their French customer.
About 700 grams of saffron were sent to Italy.
After Mr. Moulai’s customers received the saffrons; They praised the quality of the products and declared their 100% satisfaction.

Safe purchase of pure saffron

price of 1 gram of saffron in Israel?

Mr. Hamidi contacted our company about two months ago and received some saffron as a sample.
Today, when they contacted the colleagues of the sales department, they appreciated the quality of our company’s products and services and ordered 5 kg of saffron.

Iranian saffron in Spain in Europe

Respected colleagues of the sales department of King Company reported that the sale of bulk saffron in Spain has been booming this month.
For example, a customer’s order is 5 kilos of bulk saffron and 1000 packages of 1 gram of Iranian saffron.

Selling saffron in Madrid

The price of saffron is online

Barcelona and Madrid are two important cities where saffron traders are located.
Considering that Iranian saffron is known in Spain, King Business has good customers in Spain.

The process of buying saffron in Europe

Mr. Hamidi’s order was as follows.

  1. Payments were made to the bank account of King Business Company.
  2. It takes two to four working days to process and package the product.
  3. Within 5 to 11 working days, the product will be delivered to the customer in Spain.
  4. The customer’s order will be delivered to their final address.

You can also contact our colleagues on [WhatsApp] to buy saffron.

The price of 1 kilo of Iranian saffron

Currently, a kilo of Iranian saffron grade A + in Spain is 1985 euros.
1 kilo of grade A saffron is 1630 euros.
The rates announced above are the wholesale price of saffron.

The selling price of saffron in Europe

When services such as packaging are added to this product, the prices will definitely change.
By performing the services mentioned above for Mr. Hamidi’s order, an amount between 45 and 85 euros will be added to the prices.
Therefore, the final price of the product is added with its side costs and included in the customer’s invoice.
This text was a report on the sale of Iranian saffron in Spain, which was presented to you.

Mr. S . Biglah

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