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The daily price of saffronWholesale sale of fresh saffronThe price of 1 kilo of saffronSaffron shop in AmsterdamBuying saffron for exportIranian saffron sales centerSaffron retail profitBuying saffron in RotterdamExport of Iranian saffron
Saffron shop in Amsterdam

What is the price of 1 kilo of saffron in the most reliable saffron shopping center for European export?
The autumn festival of the biggest saffron shop in Amsterdam has started.
To enjoy the special discount of the King brand in this wholesale sale of fresh saffron, contact the sales department of the company.

The daily price of saffron

The daily price of saffron
The daily price of saffron

We are in the season of collecting saffron flowers from the farm.
The daily price of saffron changes according to the seasons of the month.
Usually, in the 3 months of autumn, the purchase and sale rate of the product for the next year is planned.

Wholesale sale of fresh saffron

As mentioned, in about 4 weeks, new red gold will enter the market.
The volume of harvest and the quality of this year’s collected saffron will clarify the buying and selling situation in the coming months.
King Business brand branches will soon start wholesale sales of fresh saffron.

The price of 1 kilo of saffron

How does the amount of saffron produced in 2022 affect product pricing?
Last year, about 290 tons of red gold were collected from farms in Iran.
This value indicated a 30-40% decrease in product production.
The 250-300% increase in the price of 1 kilo of saffron this year in the Iranian market is directly related to this issue.

Saffron shop in Amsterdam

Saffron shop in Amsterdam
Saffron shop in Amsterdam

Why does the price of saffron increase every year?
Planting and producing this product requires spending a lot of money and time.
For example, the amount paid to farm workers this year has increased by 20% compared to the previous year.
The saffron shop in Amsterdam offers its products directly from the company’s farms to the market and buyers.

Buying saffron for export

What type of saffron is best for export?
The markets of different countries do not have the same demand and taste.
According to your export destination, the commercial consultants of Saffron Company will suggest you the target market.

Iranian saffron sales center

King Business has Iranian saffron sales branches in different countries.
This Iranian saffron sales center in Rotterdam has provided the possibility of convenient activity for economic activists who want to enter the market of buying and selling red gold.
In this way, in Europe, it delivers the exclusive export saffron of each country to you.
It is also possible to deliver the product to your customer in your destination country.

Saffron retail profit

Saffron retail profit
Saffron retail profit

How to buy from the saffron shop in Amsterdam?
In this center, products are offered in retail and wholesale packages.
Companies and real people who want to buy from King Business brand in bulk and continuously are considered partners.
The products are delivered from the company at a partner price – a special discount – and are offered in the market with a reasonable profit.

Buying saffron in Rotterdam

The autumn festival of King Business saffron export store started today.
This super sale will continue for 10 days.
Applicants to buy saffron in Rotterdam and other cities of the Netherlands and all European countries can contact the sales department of the company.

Export of Iranian saffron

Export of Iranian saffron
Export of Iranian saffron

The most important news of the saffron business in the world has been published today.
A contract that transfers 200 tons of Iranian saffron to Qatar.
Iran’s red gold export has bright horizons ahead

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