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Selling price of saffron in Rome | Saffron market in Italy | European

This document outlines crucial information related to saffron exports to Italy, focusing on the selling price of saffron in Rome.

Saffron market in Italy

It also highlights a recent collaboration in Italy that demonstrates our commitment to expanding our market presence.

Distribution Strategy to Italy

Selling price of saffron in Rome - Italy

Mr. Dr. Ghafouri, the owner of a reputable trading company with extensive European connections, initiated contact with Mr. Rustad, our company’s representative. The purpose was to establish a cooperative venture for saffron distribution in Italy and Europe. A colleague in Italy was introduced to facilitate this collaboration.

Collaboration Details:

Mr. Sohaili, with a decade of experience in Italy and robust local connections, joined a video call with Mr. Rustad at the invitation of Mr. Ghafouri. The meeting, attended by a representative of King Business, outlined collaboration details, including information on the selling price of saffron in Rome.

Sales Agreement:

Following the online meeting, Mr. Sohaili expressed his readiness to collaborate with King Business in Rome. Recognizing the opportunity to penetrate the Italian saffron market, an initial order for 1,000 luxury containers of saffron and 4 kilograms of bulk saffron was placed, and delivered to their address in Rome.

European Saffron Market Pricing:

European Saffron Market Pricing

As of now, the price of one kilogram of saffron in the Italian market ranges between 1,790 and 2,560 euros. King Business Company is offering a 3% discount for sales exceeding 1 kg from the 15th to the end of the month. Special pricing is available for 15 kilos of Sargol, 9 kilos of Nagin, and 8 kilos of Super Nagin in the European market.

Selling price of saffron in Rome

During this special sale, the prices for each kilogram of saffron in Rome are as follows:
– Sargol saffron: 1290 euros
– Negin saffron: 1610 euros
– Super Gemin saffron: 1750 euros

Promotion and Opportunity:

King Business encourages prospective buyers and sellers to seize this opportunity to purchase saffron at competitive prices.
The company’s special offer provides favorable conditions for acquiring top-quality products and generating substantial profits upon resale. Interested parties are invited to contact King Business Group experts for further details and assistance.

Buying saffron

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