Saffron planting training session at Saffron King Business Company

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Yesterday, a saffron planting training session was held at Saffron King Business Company.
Do you also want to participate in saffron cultivation training courses?

Planting trial session


In this section, we will express some of the approaches and approvals that were mentioned in this meeting.
This meeting was held at the suggestion of the head office of King Business Group for several lecturers active in the saffron planting unit.

The first coordination meeting for new courses

  • Audience at the meeting:
  • Madam Khadimzadeh
  • Mr. Nouri Engineer
  • Sir, Mrs. Engineer Shahvardi

And a group of colleagues from the central office were present at today’s meeting.

The purpose of holding a saffron planting training session

The purpose of this meeting was to share the latest educational methods and review plans for holding new courses.

Better transfer of educational concepts to trainees

New force training

The methods that were stated were for better communication between lecturers and trainees, mastery of the material, better transfer of concepts, and increasing the efficiency of training courses.

Saffron planting training courses

Who can participate in saffron planting training courses?
All people in all age groups who are interested in agriculture and especially red gold cultivation can participate in these courses.

Instructors of planting unit in the company

Ms. Khadimzadeh, one of the lecturers of the Planting Unit, presented important points about planting saffron in the traditional and modern way in this meeting.
He has a long history of planting red gold and shared his experiences in this field with us.

Planting saffron in a pot

Mrs. Khadimzadeh said that people who grow a lot of flowers and pots at home are interested in attending these courses.

The educational team of Saffron King Business Group

Achat de safran pur - prix du safran Allemagne, France

Mr. Dr. Yousefi emphasized empathy and consistent coordination for education.
He announced the transfer of the latest scientific cultivation methods from the Netherlands to the training team of Saffron King Business.

Educational content in planting classes

The materials that are transferred in these classes are taken from the latest training on planting red gold in China and the Netherlands.

The latest scientific educational methods

The training team of the planting unit has prepared completely new, scientific, fundamental, and practical content for its trainees.

The purpose of the company to hold the planting course

price list of each kilogram of saffron

The most important goal of holding these courses is to increase saffron production and entrepreneurship.
The company provides the best training to the trainees to achieve these goals.

Free consultation for saffron cultivation training

Our consultants and experts are with the trainees during the course and after the end of the course until they harvest their product.
Many resources are available to trainees for free.
You can get in touch with our colleagues right now to get free advice about participating in modern saffron cultivation courses. [Whatsapp]

Export of saffron

In addition, with the application of scientific methods and principles that are transferred in these courses, the highest quality product that is suitable for export is produced.
Therefore, the planting team of this collection is present with its trainees from zero to one hundred.

Saffron processing

The honorable chairman of the group said:
The activities of our group of companies are very wide.
Planting saffron
Saffron cultivation training
Saffron processing
Packaging and distribution
Wholesale and retail sales
Exporting and providing Iranian saffron to the world market

Cooperation with Saffron King Business Company

Cooperation in saffron business

This text was about the saffron planting training session.
If you also want to cooperate with our group of companies in the field of saffron production, cultivation, purchase, sale, and export, contact our business consultants now.

Fields of cooperation in the company

Participation in saffron planting courses and training sessions
– Team of teachers
– Obtaining agency and branch license
– Advertising unit
– Marketing team
– Technical unit and site
– Content production department

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The price of saffron in luxury boxes
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