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Saffron planting training by King Business CompanyCoordination meeting of teachers of planting saffronSaffron cultivation training methodsThe purpose of saffron cultivation trainingSaffron planting training programsSaffron planting training methods
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Saffron cultivation training by King Business, to increase the knowledge and income of saffron farmers and entrepreneurs around the world.

Saffron planting training by King Business Company


Cultivation of saffron requires special knowledge and experience that not all farmers are proficient in. King Business Company is one of the largest producers and exporters of Afghan saffron and Iranian saffron. This company has decided to help the development of this industry by providing professional training to farmers and those interested in planting saffron.

Coordination meeting of teachers of planting saffron

Last week, a coordination meeting of saffron planting teachers was held at King Business Company. This meeting was held with the presence of Ms. Khadimzadeh, Mr. Engineer Nouri, Ms. Shahvardi and some of our colleagues from the head office.

Saffron cultivation training methods

In this meeting, important issues related to the goals, plans and educational methods of saffron cultivation and saffron export were raised and discussed in the company.

The purpose of saffron cultivation training

Saffron transit

The main goal of saffron cultivation training by King Business Company is to increase the level of knowledge and skills of farmers and those interested in planting saffron. This causes the quality and quantity of saffron produced to increase, and as a result, the income and profit of farmers and the company will increase.
Also, by teaching saffron planting in different regions of Iran and the world, it is possible to take advantage of the country’s biodiversity and fertile soil and introduce saffron as a national and local product.

Saffron planting training programs

King Business Company has designed and implemented various programs for teaching saffron planting. These programs include the following:

  • Providing theoretical and practical saffron planting courses in person and online
  • Providing advice and technical and marketing support to saffron farmers and entrepreneurs
  • Providing saffron onion with quality and reasonable price to saffron farmers and entrepreneurs
  • Purchase and processing of saffron produced by saffron farmers and entrepreneurs
  • Packaging and export of saffron to other countries

Saffron planting training methods

  • King Business Company uses new and effective methods to train saffron planting. These methods include the following:
  • Using experienced and expert instructors in the field of saffron planting
  • Using attractive and practical educational content in compliance with standards
  • Using different media to convey information to saffron farmers and entrepreneurs, such as website, application, Telegram channel, Instagram, etc.
  • Using evaluation methods and tracking the learning of saffron farmers and entrepreneurs, such as tests, questionnaires, feedback, etc.
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