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Iranian saffron agencyFuture agencies of King Business in EuropeExport of Iranian saffron to AmericaProduction of new products in the field of saffronSaffron trade and the future of the company
Iranian Saffron Supply in Geneva | Bulk Buyers of Saffron 2024

Iranian saffron agency: King Business Company plans to expand its presence in the European market and enter new countries.

Iranian saffron agency

price of Iranian saffron European

Currently, King Business Company has Iranian saffron representative in European countries. These countries are:

These agencies are responsible for the sale and distribution of Iranian saffron produced by King Business Company in local markets.

Future agencies of King Business in Europe

Due to the increasing demand for saffron in Europe, King Business Company plans to increase the number of its agents in this continent to at least 10 agents. Some of the countries where the King company plans to be represented include:


Export of Iranian saffron to America

King Business not only plans to expand its exports to Europe, but also aims to conquer the American market. King Business Company has very good and reliable customers to buy saffron in America.
This company plans to move towards exporting saffron to America after expanding its activities in Europe. King Business Company has many licenses required to export Iranian saffron to America.
King Business Company hopes to have an Iranian saffron agency in Washington and other United States by the end of 2024.

Production of new products in the field of saffron

Introduction of King Business Company

Considering the needs and tastes of its customers, King Business has always tried to provide new and diverse products in the field of saffron. Taking advantage of technical knowledge, research and development and cooperation with scientific and research institutions, this company plans to produce and market new products in the field of saffron in the near future.
Among these products, we can mention chocolate saffron, drinking saffron, etc. With the properties and benefits of saffron, as well as attractive taste and color, these products will be able to attract customers.

Saffron trade and the future of the company

According to the growth and development of the activities of King Business Company during the last 13 years in the field of saffron business, there is a good future for this company.
This company has tried to strengthen its relations with its customers, colleagues and representatives by holding various meetings.
In order to communicate with our colleagues in the sales unit, you can use [WhatsApp].

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