Selling saffron in Dusseldorf and the price of saffron in Germany, Berlin and in Europe + wholesale

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Selling saffron in Dusseldorf

Today we present to you the report of a part of the activities of the sales department.
Selling saffron in Dusseldorf and also the price of saffron in Germany will be reviewed together.

Wholesale of saffron in Germany

Wholesale saffron in Germany

Mrs. Khadimzadeh held two meetings this week to export Iranian saffron to
They had Germany.
His conversation with our esteemed customer; It was Mrs. Mirzaei.
Ms. Mirzaei is one of our old customers who has friends in Dusseldorf, Germany who are active in selling saffron in different cities.

Selling 10 kilos of Iranian saffron

They plan to buy 10 kg of saffron every three months from King Business.
Today Mrs. Khadimzadeh conducted good negotiations in the field of buying saffron.
In this meeting, the price of saffron and the type of packaging were discussed.

Selling saffron in Düsseldorf

This customer’s order was sent to the customer’s address in Dusseldorf by the representative of King Business on Monday.
Of course, the saffron branch in Dusseldorf registered other orders this month.

The price of one kilo of gems in Europe

Acheter du safran

The price list of saffron is updated daily on the company’s website.
Today, the sales department in Rotterdam has updated the prices of different types of saffron.
The price of 1 kilo of grade A saffron in Europe has been announced from 2490 to 2630 euros.

The price of saffron in Germany

King Business Company is one of the largest suppliers and distributors of saffron in Europe.
For this reason, it is known as the reference for saffron pricing in Europe.

Iranian saffron supermarket in Dusseldorf, Germany

Afghans and Iranians in Germany share almost the same culture.
For this reason, they have a great desire to buy Iranian saffron.
Selling saffron in Dusseldorf by an Iranian supermarket in Germany.
This supermarket supplies King Business’ saffron to Farsi-speaking customers.

The price of Grade A saffron in Berlin

Prezzo dello zafferano a Berlino

King Business Company is able to provide the type of pushal at a reasonable price and with high quality.
The head office of King Business Company in the Netherlands has announced the price of 1890 Euros per kilo of Grade A saffron.

Iranian saffron in Germany

The climatic conditions of Iran have made it possible to plant quality agricultural products in this country.
One of the best products that can be economically profitable for Iran is saffron.

The most reliable saffron shopping center in Berlin

Do you know why most saffron buyers tend to buy King Business products?
The main reason for this is the high quality of the products and the excellent service provided to the customers.
To buy first-class saffron, you can contact our consultants (WhatsApp).

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