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Ingredients SaffronLiquid saffron + InnovationThe world's first saffron extract with high bioavailabilitySport & Health EffectsWith full power against Alzheimer's diseaseNatural antidepressantSaffron Helps with PMGet slim with saffron

The world’s first saffron extract with high bioavailability
Tuberous plants up to 30 cm high.
Inside the flower is a light yellow pistil, which at the upper end of the flower is divided into usually 3 – 6 about 5 cm long red threads.
These fine pistil threads, also called stigmas, are used as a fine spice after harvesting and drying.
Each plant sprouts one to two flowers.

Ingredients Saffron

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Saffron contains essential oil with the aromatic main component safranal, the bitter substance picrocrocin as well as color-giving crocin (yellow-red pigments from the class of carotenoids), furthermore minerals, and trace elements.
Good saffron qualities contain at least 20 % cocaine, 6 % picrocrocin, and 0.3 % aromatic substances such as safranal.
Source. Prof. Dr. Sigrun Chrubaski-Hausmann

Liquid saffron + Innovation

Liquid saffron is a high-quality extract obtained from the so-called pistil threads.
With a special extraction process, the valuable ingredients are gently extracted and made highly bioavailable using a patented process.

The world’s first saffron extract with high bioavailability

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Thanks to our innovative process, we achieve equivalent results, with a 3-fold reduction in saffron usage.
Physiologically, orally ingested substances are not fully absorbed by our bodies.
With our unique process, we package the saffron in a water-soluble shell while significantly improving its absorption in our body. As a result, our Liquid Saffron unfolds its full potential.

Sport & Health Effects

Relaxing and stimulating the mind
Saffron contains the active ingredient crocin, which is a neuronal antioxidant and can increase serotonin levels.
Consequently, saffron in the right dosage is powerful enough to fight neurodegenerative disorders.

With full power against Alzheimer’s disease

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The crocus plant can also help with Alzheimer’s disease:
The mental performance of the absorption and storage of information can be promoted in Alzheimer’s patients with saffron naturally.

Natural antidepressant

Even the scholars of traditional Persian medicine knew about the versatile positive effects of saffron on the human body.
Its effect on depressive moods was also very well known at that time.

Saffron Helps with PM

What is Afghan Saffron

In premenstrual syndrome, mood swings, water retention, skin impurities, abdominal pain, and other complaints can occur a few days before menstruation.
Studies have shown here that a daily intake of 30 milligrams of saffron (one drop of Liquid Saffron) can significantly relieve PMS symptoms – without fear of side effects.

Get slim with saffron

A healthy serotonin level not only ensures a satisfied and balanced body feeling but also makes you feel full.
For this reason, saffron is increasingly used as a slimming agent.
A daily intake of the saffron extract is said to increase the feeling of satiety and inhibit the appetite for sweet snacks.

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