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Buy pure saffronSpecial sale of saffronThe price of saffron is March 21King saffron storeWholesale of saffronThe price of 1 kilo of saffron in dollarsPure saffron sales center
Achat de safran pur - prix du safran Allemagne, France

From tomorrow, the special sale will start at King Saffron Store.
This festival is a great opportunity for economic activists who intend
to buy bulk saffron in Iran and send it to other countries.

Buy pure saffron

Buy pure saffron
Buy pure saffron

According to the reports of the company’s sales department,
about 65% of incoming calls in February and March are from individuals
and companies that:
They want to buy saffron in bulk.
The freezing of part of the saffron farms in Iran has made everyone think of
buying and actually investing in this valuable product.

Special sale of saffron

The damage caused to the agricultural fields and the extent to
which the saffron bulbs were damaged cannot be estimated.
However, it is expected that in the crop year of 2023,
we will again face a decrease in red gold production.
In the special sale of February and March, this year’s saffron
varieties are sold at a great price.

The price of saffron is March 21

The price of saffron is March 21
The price of saffron is March 21

The sale of exported saffron for Eid 2023 has been held for 7 days from March 20 to 28.
In the saffron price list on March 21, see a 5% discount on products.
Hot and light packages are offered up to 6% in this Eid sale.

King saffron store

The quality of saffron depends on various factors.
Qaenat region is one of the oldest red gold production centers.
The farmers of these areas know very well how to grow this useful plant
Finally, the harvesting of saffron flowers should be done professionally.
Buy the highest quality product at the production price at the King saffron store.

Wholesale of saffron

Wholesale of saffron
Wholesale of saffron

One of the main concerns of red gold buyers is to find a center that has pure saffron.
One of the hidden frauds in the sale of this product is combining several
levels of quality together.
This happens a lot in wholesale.
One of the important rules in King brand wholesale sales is that the buyer
(or his official representative) must
Be present in the workshop during product packaging.

The price of 1 kilo of saffron in dollars

The reliable method to determine the purity of saffron is to analyze
the product sample in the laboratory.
King brand products are examined and tested in equipped laboratories.
All types of Iranian red gold of this brand are sent in bulk to King Business headquarters.
Each kilo of King brand grade A saffron is sold at 1790 dollars in the European market.

Pure saffron sales center

Pure saffron sales center
Pure saffron sales center

When we put saffron strings in water, it should not release color quickly.
This feature is an old way to determine the purity of red gold.
King brand products are 100% pure and are offered to buyers with laboratory analysis sheet.

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