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The best saffron on the market?Buy and sell saffron in KhorramabadSaffron prices in LorestanSaffron sales representative

Lorestan farms will soon present their new and quality product to the market.
This month, the price of saffron in Lorestan increased between 5 and 7 percent.
Saffron KING red gold sales agency is one of the most reputable centers for buying and selling saffron in Khorramabad.
The price of one gram of red gold in this wholesale center is between 3 _ 7$.

The best saffron on the market?

The best saffron on the market?
The best saffron on the market?

The red gold of the region called Zagros, especially the product of Lorestan province, Ilam province and Kurdistan city are among the best markets.
The question that may arise for many people is:
Where is the best saffron produced in the market?
It is the birthplace of Iranian red gold and is the region of Ghaenat and the cities of Khorasan.
In recent years, the red gold of this product to other provinces, including Lorestan, Ilam, etc., is very high quality.

Buy and sell saffron in Khorramabad

In red gold production and planting centers, the purchase and sale of the product is more in bulk.
Especially in cities with smaller consumer markets, the product is shipped in bulk.
In recent years, a significant amount of quality red gold has been planted in agricultural farms in Lorestan.
Due to the good reception of the market in this region, the area under cultivation of farms in Khorramabad is increasing every year.
Saffron KING sales representative
It operates in the city of Khorramabad and sales in this center are wholesale.

Saffron prices in Lorestan

Saffron prices in Lorestan
Saffron prices in Lorestan

The red gold market is very lively these days and we will soon see the innovation of this important product in the market.
The pricing of the new product has already started and it is predicted that we will have a 5-10% increase in the price of saffron in Lorestan.
According to surveys, this year’s rate increase is slightly higher than the normal percentage that was added to the new product sales rate in previous years.
The most important reason for this is the drought and the serious damage caused to the red gold fields in the planting areas of this crop.

Saffron sales representative

Saffron KING International Company is one of the largest sellers and suppliers of saffron in Europe.
This global brand is active in the field of wholesale and export of red gold worldwide.
The sales branches of our companies are located in cities and most countries.
Saffron sales agency in Lorestan is one of the active offices of this collection.
This center offers you in bulk in packages of one, two, three and 5 grams and in wholesale packages of 250, 300 and 500 grams.
The price of saffron in Lorestan is written daily on the company’s website

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