The price of saffron Online in Berlin

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Buy Iranian saffron1 gram of saffron IranianThe price of saffron Online in BerlinWholesale of saffronThe price of 1 kilo of saffronSaffron online shopExport of saffron to Germany

What is the profit of wholesale saffron in Europe?
In the autumn sales festival of the King brand, the price of saffron Online in Berlin has a 2% discount.
What is the method of exporting Red Gold to Germany by King Business brand?

The price of saffron Online in Berlin
The price of saffron Online in Berlin

Buy Iranian saffron

One of the prestigious European pharmaceutical companies signed a contract to buy saffron from the King brand this week.
From the beginning of October 2022, this brand will supply saffron to this company for 12 months.
According to the contract concluded in the first 6 months, 20 kilos of Red Gold will be delivered to the door of this company every 3 weeks.

1 gram of saffron Iranian

The retail sale of saffron in Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, etc. is carried out through the company’s sales branches.
In addition to selling saffron in Germany, the King shop online store covers all countries of the world.
The price of 1 gram of Iranian saffron in Berlin is 11.5 euros on average.

The price of saffron Online in Berlin

In the month of October this year, each kilo of King brand Iranian saffron was sold at $3140 in Germany.
According to the chart of buying and selling rates of red gold,
the price of saffron Online in Berlin has increased by 23% compared to the previous year.

The price of saffron Online in Berlin
The price of saffron Online in Berlin

Wholesale of saffron

How can I sell saffron in German cities?
In recent years, the market of European countries has become familiar with the various uses of this useful product.
According to the application of saffron, the buyer of this product can be found.

The price of 1 kilo of saffron

The Red Gold product has certain price changes in different seasons.
Usually in November and December every year, fresh saffron Iranian enters the market with a 5-8% higher price.
Currently, the price of saffron Online in Berlin of 1 kilo in Munich – Frankfurt – Stuttgart – Dusseldorf is 3130 to 3690 euros.

Saffron online shop

It was mentioned in the previous section that if we have a
correct understanding of the uses of Red Gold, we can easily find customers.
For example, the soothing properties of this product can be used in
the pharmaceutical industry.
Saffron online shop offers different types of this product in retail and kilo packages.

Saffron online shop
Saffron online shop

Export of saffron to Germany

Today, two 50 kg pallets were exported to Germany by King Business.
This order has been sent to two pharmaceutical companies and a cosmetics
manufacturing company.
The export of saffron to Germany is delivered by King brand to the buyer’s address.
The King branch in Berlin is the closest saffron delivery place to this buyer

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