Sell saffron in Germany and buy saffron online

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Wholesale saffron in MunichSell saffron in Germany and the price of saffronEvery gram of saffron in the online storeSending and exporting saffron to GermanyPrices of saffron in GermanyBuy saffron online
Sell saffron in Germany

Germany is one of the important destinations for Iranian saffron .exports
German buyers are well acquainted with Iranian red gold, and selling in the German market does not require market building.
Sell saffron in Germany online and buy from the sales center.
The store website offers the price and variety of King brand products.

Wholesale saffron in Munich

Saffron is available in both bulk and partial packages in the German market
Naturally, several factors are effective in the selling price of saffron:
How to present the product – retail or bulk sales
Customer order quantity – weight 1- 10 kg, 10 to 30 kg, 30 to 50 kg and …
Product packaging type (retail) – envelopes, crystal cups, inlays, glass containers, gift packages, etc.

Saffron grade – grade A, N + and A ++
Product type – Super Negin, Negin, Sargol, Pushal, and Saffron restaurant
Place of delivery of the order – delivery at the place of purchase or delivery of the order at the destination of the buyer

Each of these factors plays an important role in the final price of the product and must be discussed and agreed upon in negotiation with the buyer.

Sell saffron in Germany and the price of saffron

luxury saffron shop in Europe

One of the influential factors in the price and sale of saffron in Germany is the type of product
An average of 2290 to 2630 euros per kilo of King brand super saffron is offered in the Munich market.
Grade A Negin export saffron is sold in the Berlin market for 1890 to 2350 Euros per kilo.
Note that these prices are for orders of one to ten kilos. In orders of 10 kilos and above, the prices are different.

Every gram of saffron in the online store

In the German market, saffron retailers have more buyers.
Different stores, as well as brands in the market, offer their products at different prices

One of the important factors in saffron retail is the type of package and packaging of the product
Given that the Munich market is important, the sale of saffron in stylish packages has more buyers
On average, each gram of saffron in a normal package sells for between 2.5 and 5 euros
Each gram of saffron is offered in the online store in a special package between 5.5 to 8 euros
These prices are related to sales in the market and the wholesale prices of products are different

Sending and exporting saffron to Germany

Sell saffron in Germany
Sell saffron in Germany

Sending saffron to European countries such as Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, etc. is done in different ways.
With numerous King brand branches throughout the EU, customer order delivery is done in a short time (2-4 working days).
Saffron is exported to Germany by King Business Saffron Company using the DDP method.

Prices of saffron in Germany

Operating in European markets, while profitable, requires experience and expertise
As mentioned, it is calculated in euros in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and all European countries.
Therefore, we need to pay special attention to one of the important factors in pricing, namely, “place of order delivery”
Customers who receive saffron from us in Germany Prices are calculated in Euros and shipping costs are very low
But for buyers who want to receive saffron in other countries, the prices are different
Shipping costs, customs tariffs and other costs that are purchased to transfer saffron from the German branch to the destination will be calculated at the final rate.

Buy saffron online

King Business Saffron Company is a wholesaler and exporter of various types of saffron.
The internal and external branches of this company operate in different provinces and countries.
Saffron branches in Germany, Frankfurt, Berlin, and Munich saffron branches offer the King Business brand.
Other branches of King Business saffron sales in countries:
United Arab Emirates
King brand online sales are done in all countries. Sell saffron in Germany.
You can visit to buy and order King Business products.

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