The price of Iranian saffron in London

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Buy fresh saffron1 gram of saffron per poundWholesale of saffronThe price of Iranian saffron in LondonOnline shopping for saffron1 kg of saffronSelling Iranian saffronExport of saffron to England

The number of saffron exports to England will increase in a few months.
With the arrival of fresh saffron in the market, it is expected that the price of Iranian saffron in London will be about 4 to 6 pounds more expensive.
In this article, we examine the price per kilo and the retail sale of King Business brand saffron.

The price of Iranian saffron in London
The price of Iranian saffron in London

Buy fresh saffron

Soon the beautiful flowers of the saffron plant will be collected from the agricultural fields.
Workers pick the red gold flowers very early in the morning for 15 to 20 days.
After separating the stigmas from the petals, the process of drying fresh saffron begins.
From 2 to 4 weeks, buyers can buy fresh King Business brand saffron.

1 gram of saffron per pound

Are King brand products available in retail?
This reputable brand is a wholesaler of red gold and is also active in the field of selling packaged saffron.
In addition to online sales on, buyers can get saffron in packages (0.10, 0.25, 0.5, and 1 gram) from the sales branches of the company.

Wholesale of saffron

One of the reputable pharmaceutical companies in London has a contract to purchase Iranian saffron with the King brand.
This company receives 40 kilos of bulk saffron every month.
6 large restaurants in Manchester signed a saffron business contract with King Business in September.
All these buyers receive the product in bulk and by the kilo.

Wholesale of saffron
Wholesale of saffron

The price of Iranian saffron in London

How many pounds is 1 gram of saffron?
Red gold is sold online in London and other British cities.
Now that we are in October 2022, the price of Iranian saffron in London is 8 to 11 pounds per gram.
It is expected that this figure will increase by 3 to 5 pounds in December.

Online shopping for saffron

What is the price of Iranian saffron in London?
In the previous section, we reviewed online shopping from the King brand.
As mentioned, if we want to receive the product in retail packages from this brand, it is necessary to:
Our order amount of each weight (0.10, 0.25, 0.50, and 1-gram packages, etc.) should be at least 1000 pieces.

1 kg of saffron

Compared to 2021, how much more expensive is each kilo of saffron?
We are in September 2022 and the price of 1 kilo of grade A+ saffron is around $3469.
In September of last year, each kilo of red gold of the same type was offered at $1,580.

1 kg of saffron
1 kg of saffron

Selling Iranian saffron

In the coming months, we will see an increase in the sale of Iranian saffron in the world markets.
The desirable quality of Iranian red gold is approved by all buyers.
Last week, Qatar signed a saffron trade agreement worth 300 million dollars with Iran.
In addition to wholesale saffron in England and all European countries, King Business is an importer of saffron to Qatar and Arab countries.

Export of saffron to England

As mentioned, the King brand is one of the reliable importers of saffron to Europe and other countries of the world.
This brand exports saffron to England by the CIF method.
British buyers in any of the cities of this country where they are based can place their order through the internet or by contacting the company’s sales unit.

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